The night before the flight.

In 6 hours my alarm will go off to get up and get ready.  Oh my.  I’m in bed and after this post will hopefully drift to sleepy town very quickly.

I need you all to pray for Aaron.  He is NOT feeling well tonight.  Sore throat.  Achy body.  Cold.  Pray that he gets well.  We have him on echenecia and vitamin c and I figure if he gets real sick hopefully Lori could hook him up!  He needs to be well to have a good trip.  He needs to be himself for Amos and Story.  He needs strength to hike up the mountain to meet Amos’ grandpa and see where Amos spent some of his first months of life.  Please pray for healing, strength and energy.

Tomorrow we get in about 12:30ish give or take a few hours because it’s Haiti!  We’ll hang with the Livesay’s and hopefully visit a few places with them.  I’ll hug and kiss on some sweet special kids at Heartline and hopefully get to visit Barb as well.

Then Tuesday the Livesay’s will escort us out to Cazale to where our kids are.  I am so super excited.  We’ve been told that our Story girl is walking.  Oh my goodness!  Licia also told me that a few teams have pulled up there and they are full of white people and Amos thinks that his mommy is there.  She said he yells for me and is so excited to see me.  I hope he has that same excitement on Tuesday when we pull up!

We’ve also been told that possibly we could be getting out of the department that our papers are in sometime in this week.  We’ve been there for a total of  32 weeks and we’re hopeful that this is the week we get out.  Wouldn’t that be fun to celebrate there with our kids!!!

Please pray for Aaron.  I need a well husband in Haiti!  Pray for our pilots tomorrow.  Pray for safety in our aircraft.  Pray for our boys at night that they won’t miss us too much!  Pray for bonding with our children.  Pray for safety in Haiti.

Thanks guys.  Next time you hear from us we’ll be across the ocean!


9 responses to “The night before the flight.

  1. Oh my gosh, that would be AWESOME for you to get out of IBESR this week!! I will be praying for that for sure.

  2. Praying!!! SEnding well wishes and VITAMIN C VIA INTERNET 🙂

  3. Praying! I am so excited for you and Aaron. I have really been praying for IBESR to approve your file this past week.

  4. Girl, I am PRAYING!!!! I’m so excited for you guys!! Excited that you get to see your babies and excited to see how God is going to HEAL Aaron and do AMAZING things in and through y’all. I am confident that God will get MUCH glory in this!! Love ya girl!

  5. Praying you have a wonderful trip! As always, can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Safe travels!

  6. praying hard for all you asked prayer for! His mercies are new every morning!

  7. leah and matt gibson

    How exciting! Matt and I will be praying for your trip!

  8. Oh man we are on 807 and 1988 🙂 We are in and out of FTL are you going from MIA? 🙂 Have a fabulous trip!!! We are sitting in Seattle awaiting our really really long flight to warmer climates!

  9. S. is walking!!!! I am so happy you get to see S and A!!!! I am also so super thrilled and thankful that until your sweet S and A are home they are loved by Licia and family!!!!

    It is wonderful all the things she knows and can share of day to day life for your precious Treasures, little A. and S.

    God bless you and Aaron on this precious journey….

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