this morning.

*I wrote this earlier today at the MIA airport ….

This morning has not been fun.  The beginning of this trip has not started like I imagined it starting.  I have been looking forward to this particular trip for a long time because it is just Aaron and I going to hang with our kids and have fun.  We were also going to spend the first day with the Livesay’s and that is jut plain fun in itself.

Aaron is sick.  He feels awful.  I am mad that he is sick.  Of course I’m not mad at him, because he can’t t help it, but I’m just mad that this is how it’s going down.

He started feeling sick yesterday morning and looking back we should have gone to a walk in  clinic just in case, but he seemed to not be too bad.  This morning was a different story.  He woke up hurting all over and his throat hurts bad too.  The SAME symptoms that I had last week.  Oh no!

We got to the check in gate a little before 5 and did not know what to do.  Does he go and be miserable?  Does he go and expose others to his lillness?  Does he stay and only I go?  Does he try to fly out tomorrow?

I had these thoughts in my mind ….
We have four bags.  If he doesn’t go, how do I pick the two bags full of supplies that I’ll take.
I have adoption stuff for people, I can’t reschedule this trip for January.
What if Aaron gets better by Wed, won’t he be mad he didn’t go?

I was being very selfish.  I wanted my husband with me.  I wanted Amos and Story’s daddy with them.  I didn’t want to do this alone again.

I called and woke Tara up and explained the situation.  She said that she could get him some medicine when we got there.  So now the dilemma was do we get medicine there and ride it out for about 48 hours until he feels better, or him stay here and get medicine and try to get on another flight.

Only flight available was tomorrow.  $300 to switch.  $300!

So, after much discussion and many tears on my part …. We are both in the Miami airport.  His body isn’t hurting right now and I think the ibuprofen has that under control.  He’s certainly not himself.  For that it makes me mad.  Mad that this trip isn’t turning out how I thought it would.  Not mad at him of course, but just mad.

Oh well, we’re about 3 hours away from Haiti and that makes us both happy.


6 responses to “this morning.

  1. I’m so sorry Aaron’s sick! I saw your pictures on Livesay’s blog and hope that some rest and friendship works wonders on his feeling better to be with your precious children!!

  2. I had no idea till I just got home from work,and checked in with y’all. I’m so sorry – I am pouring out the prayers for you guys! God’s speedy complete recovery for him!!! Praying that your time with your children will overwhelm you with blessings – may it be way more than you ever imagined! much love…..

  3. I’s so sorry! That is such a bummer. I hope he has a fast turnaround.

  4. praying for you all, Jamie.

  5. i know that i barely know you guys, but i follow your blog and i’m so excited for your trip to haiti! i wrote an “i” on my hand, for ivey, today to remind me to pray for you two and aaron’s health. all my students asked me about it and so i got to tell them that i have friends going to haiti. they think that’s pretty cool, most of them being haitian themselves! i’ll keep writing the “i” every morning until you guys get home!

  6. Praying for him to be better. Have the best time.

    Give my boy a hug for me.

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