I love Haiti

Haiti has become so IMPORTANT to us lately.  I’ve been three times, and Aaron once.  We support ministries there.  We value what goes on there with the missionaries.  We have TWO children that are still there that we are in the process of adopting.

Here are some organizations that we love and support there.  I encourage you to visit these sites.  Pray for them.  Send them emails to encourage them.

The Livesay Family – this family lives in Haiti and does fabulous work there.  I LOVE Tara and Troy and they are so real and so much fun to hang out with and work with.

Lori – the Haiti nurse – Lori lives in Haiti with her husband, a native Haitian.  Her sister and her father also live there and do miraculous work for the people in the villages around them.  LOVE this ministry.

Licia – Lori’s sister.  Licia is married to Enoch, a native Haitian and they have three children.  Licia is in charge of the Rescue Center that houses 60+ kids and gets them healthy and sends them back to their parents.  What an amazing ministry her family has there.  LOVE this woman!


3 responses to “I love Haiti

  1. my uncle goes to haiti all the time he loves it to death

  2. I love Haiti too, its my country, my blood, and i will always love it.

  3. I love Haiti too. Its my husbands country, and it is beautiful.
    How did you get the honor of helping Fedna through this medical stuff? Is there a great need for others to do what you are doing for her? My husband was able to tranlate about 10 years ago for 2 girls who were in IN for surgery. They came with thier mothers. Perhaps you explained on here how it came about, but I just found you tonight. Can you fill me in? Thanks! I will say a prayer for your children still in Haiti. I know how frustraiting the Haitian government can be when it come to paper work. 🙂

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