Christmas card Tradition

One tradition that I started in our family the first Christmas that we were married was saving our Christmas card pictures and letters each year and putting them in a book!

I get this book out each year after Thanksgiving and it is there for me to look through and be reminded of friends and family from years pasts.  I keep every picture and letter and they are stored in here.  It is so fun to watch friends get married, get dogs then have kids all throughout this book!

When Christmas cards arrive at our house I am so thrilled.  I truly love them.  If it’s just a card, then I tape the card to the kitchen cabinets as decoration.  I truly think Aaron hates this, but who cares, right!  I might try the back door this year though.  If it’s a picture card it goes on the bulletin board in our breakfast room.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE filling that thing up with pictures.  This past year it was packed and I just think we might need to add another board!

The day my first Christmas card arrives (thanks Mandi Jo!!) I take all the old cards off and put them in the binder and start adding the new cards to the board!  So far we’ve gotten three cards and one birth announcement (those go up there too and usually make the book too).  I love looking at all of our friends and family’s faces throughout the year.  When guests come over they migrate to this board and check out all of our friends.  It is so fun!



2 responses to “Christmas card Tradition

  1. Jamie, I remember when you told me that you were going to do this…I love it…I think I’m going to start doing the same thing. Last year I didn’t have your new Austin address, so I have this year…I’ll put last years card in it as well as this years. That way you don’t forget what we looked like in 2008 🙂 love you -glenna

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