stocking stuffers

I am so excited!  I finally bought some stockings for my kids.  Each year I want to buy nice stockings with their names on them and I can never convince myself to spend the money.  Believe it or not, spending money is sometimes hard for me to do.  I know, crazy.

I have been saving my “plasma money” and have all the stockings hung up on the mantel.  Oh they look cute.

*Don’t worry, Amos’ is getting ordered soon!


I just ordered this cd to put in one of the stockings:  Ross King WORDS THAT RHYME WITH ORANGE

I figure I’ll find another cd for Deacon’s stocking and Story’s.


So …. what do you put in your kids stockings?  Aaron says he used to get batteries for all his new toys.  My kids aren’t getting toys that need batteries.  I used to get candy, gum, toothbrush, new socks and undies.  What did you get when you were little?  What do you do now?





26 responses to “stocking stuffers

  1. My mom used to give us: jacks/marbles, little notepads, fun pencils or erasers, bouncy balls, holiday socks, stickers…. mainly little toys or “art supplies”

  2. we used to get mainly candy.

    my kiddo gets some candy, but mostly anymore i just toss anything thats small so i dont have to wrap it or worry about it getting lost in with larger items. basically treat it like a catch all gift basket sort of mentality. a watch, small toys, plastic snowglobe, hair stuff, webkinz cards…

  3. i like semi-healthy, consumable items, so you don’t end up with little things to be left out and stepped on. like peanut brittle or ritz peanut butter sandwhiches, dipped in chocolate. ooor, if the kids like it, just the supplies to make the treats, and then everyone gets to make them together. Also, little love coupons. Like “Extra time to cuddle with mommy” or “Stay awake and watch an extra Barney.”

  4. we got gum, toothbrush, candy, lip gloss, batteries, etc. the only thing norah has asked for this year so far is candy, so i am betting there will be some of that in her stocking.

  5. My mom always put a bunch of arts and crafts stuff in mine. Like markers, little fun notebooks, and little toys like bouncy balls and stuff. Good places to get things are the Target dollar bins they always have tons of awesome little toys and stuff.

  6. One year I did tickets for each kid to go to an event with dad. One went to see “Blast” and the other went to see a show at our Children’s Theatre. That was a big hit. Kind of expensive, but the memories were worth it!

  7. We always got movies, cd’s, sometimes gift cards when we got older, and little jewelry trinkets or make-up. So I continue the theme of movies and each one gets a movie and then usually arts and crafts stuff or for Paxton little cars or trains and the girls play jewelry or lots of dollar section stuff from Target!!!

  8. We don’t have kids, but my husband and I still fill stockings for each other, and actually on my side of the family my grown sisters and my parents all put a few things in each other’s stocking too.

    There are lots of free Christmas coloring pages out there (just google) — you can print some out and tie them up in a scroll for the stocking if your kids like to color.

    Have a lovely holiday season with your wonderful family!

  9. I ordered that CD for my kids, too! I know they will love it! We always got candy, little toys, DVD’s, Cd’s and things like that. Now that we are older, we get Bath and Body stuff, gift cards, picture frames, etc…. Oh, yes, I still get stockings from my parents and from my in-laws. How great is that?!

  10. I don’t remember what kinds of things I got when I was really little, but even now my parents give me a stocking. From what I can remember, it’s been about the same. I usually get more of the “practical” items… I guess? I’ve gotten chip clips and tongs before for my kitchen. I’ve gotten bobby pins and new mascara. Things I’d get for myself, but they’re still nice to get… you know?

    I almost always get a new toothbrush, candy, chapstick, hair ties, and a movie.

  11. hmm, I’ve got all the stocking gifts bought/chosen already..a leapster game, 2 small polly pocket sets,babybell cheese,laughing cow cheese and dried mangos..the child begs for those 3 food items every time we are in the store and those darn babybells are SOOO expensive. LOL

  12. oh, and I just bought the max lucado book a hat for Ivan which is small and will fit nicely.

  13. my mom has always goes with the personal hygiene theme. we get underwear, socks, razors, toothbrushes, shaving creme… and perfume. sometimes if she’s feeling kinda crazy she’ll throw in a giftcard or two! 🙂

  14. We do personal hygiene and…get ready…a can of black olives.

  15. an orange and a can of coke……..

  16. Hi there, I have been reading your blog a while, following your inspiring journey. My girls are 16 and 21 and we love stockings. In fact, we each have three (it just sort of happened). Lots of little things, plus fun socks, bandaids (cupcakes and bacon this year), pencils with their names on them, some special candy, and as they got older, tickets to a special event. Oh, and I always buy a few of those $1 mittens from Target…and we just keep a big basket of them. And we do stockings for the adults (including grandparents) and the dog.
    Have fun!

  17. one thing we would get each was a box of ‘story book lifesavers.’ Not sure why, but getting those at Christmas always made them taste better than ever. We also always had an orange, apple, and a small gift such as a small bottle of perfume or toy.
    For my kids I always put a small gift of some sort, fruit, plastic ‘cane’ container of m&m’s and sometimes the chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.

  18. p.s. Oh yeh…how can I forget our four legged family members. Rawhide chews and treats in their stockings!

  19. Precious stockings!!! What a fun blog post!

  20. I had to comment bc im 25 and we LOVE stockings at our house. We are almost to the point of no presents and just stockings….

    so here are some fun suggestions. We always get silly string and have a fight outside in the afternoon. We also use to get coupon books. They were homemade and SO fun! EX: movie night, fun snack instead of healthy, ect.. also fun school supplies to take to school are always fun!!! Anyway, DOLLAR SPOT at target has great things!! Stickers ect…

  21. Oh yeah…my mom also puts an ornament in our stocking that has something to do with what happened in our lives this past year… Last year I got an Austin one bc I moved here! That is always fun to look back over the years at the ornaments and the fun things that have happened!!

  22. My mom would put in our stockings, a coloring book, new crayons and markers, chapstick, candy, yoyo’s, (boys) hot wheel cars, bazooka that you make noice with, hairbows (girls) or jewelry. Cute things like that. =) As a mom myself I carried on that tradition. My kids loved getting their stockings off the mantel on Christmas morning. Good luck filling yours and have fun with it. =)

  23. I used to get batteries too! Now I get gum, a candy bar, and a few other small items like chapstick, magnets, etc.

  24. We always got fruit, nuts and some candies and usually a small toy or two.
    Since Saul has been home (7yrs Sat) I put in his fav fruit one year a nectirne last year a pamagranite afew pieces of chocolate candy and some lifesavers peppermint candies, a small legos set and either crayons or play dough.
    or and a small pack of cashews ( his fav).
    Have fun !
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

  25. What’s “plasma money”?

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