Deacon’s birthday pics!

I have found the perfect birthday spot. Oh my word you are going to want to do this! We don’t like to spend a lot of money on birthday parties, so I was in search of something cheap and fun. I really didn’t want to clean my house and have everyone over, and sometimes the kids think it’s more fun to go and play somewhere new. We don’t have a ton of toys, so when you get a ton of kids here it can get crazy. Okay back to my party search. I called jump houses, bowling alley’s, Chuck E Cheese and they were all over what I wanted to spend. We even went to the local fire station to ask if they do birthday parties there. (Someone had told me they had their sons party at one, so that’s why i asked!) Then last Wed we were doing our usual shopping at the Farmer’s Market and we asked Deacon if he wanted to have his party there and he went for it!!! He said YES!

So, we had Deacon’s fourth birthday party at the Farmer’s Market at the Triangle. We go every week and the kids have so much fun just running around in the big open field that we knew it would be fun. I bought a cake and some drinks and plates and napkins and we were good to go! Friends started showing up and the kids just ran and ran and ran. It was so much fun! Also at the Farmer’s Market they have face painting so all the kids got their faces painted!! What a bonus!

It was the easiest birthday party ever. Parents were able to stand around and talk. People could come and go as they needed to & the weather was PERFECT!  Deacon had a blast! The whole party costs me $50. Oh my it doesn’t get any better than that!!!

Enjoy the birthday pics!


The Stewart’s, Ivey’s and Bush’s – love these families and their sweet kids!


Deacon and his super cool batman cupcake cake from Target!


Deacon and his buddy Matt Carter – when I was asking him who he wanted to invite to his party one of his requests was Matt Carter – and yes he says first and last name for him. It’s super cute.



Let me just say that Story was a huge fan of the cake and especially the icing!



Look at these sweet girls!  I hope they become friends!!



Cayden and Deacon and their lady friends!



I know it’s kinda blurry, but here are my girls!



Deacon sweeping Paige off her feet!  He’s a charmer!



Some serious bat man faces!

4 responses to “Deacon’s birthday pics!

  1. This is awesome! And I absolutely love the picture of Story licking the paper plate 🙂

  2. When I turned four I invited an adult to my birthday party too. He was actually the greeter at a furniture store. haha!


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