My baby boy is FOUR!

I tucked Deacon into bed tonight and told him that when he wakes up in the morning he will be FOUR YEARS OLD.  He giggled and smiled from ear to ear.  He is so excited to be FOUR!  When tomorrow happens I’ll have two four year olds.  That’s crazy to me!


*This was one of Story’s first times to stand and her big brother Deacon had helped her!




Deacon is now not the baby anymore on his birthday.  He is now a middle child.  🙂  i pray and hope that he doesn’t get lost in the middle.  I have a small feeling though that he’ll make his own way and be his own kid in this family!  He is hilarious!  His voice is fabulous!  He has beautiful hair and skin.  His heart is huge.  He shares on his own.  He loves his sister and adores his brother.  He is a good kid that is testing the waters with obedience and always having a happy heart!


I am honored to be this kids mom.  I pray that he finds a fabulous wife one day that will honor him and cherish him for all that he is.  I pray that he finds God at an early age and clings to him and follows him with his whole heart, mind, body and soul.


My sweet Deacon, I love you more today than I did the day I first laid eyes on you.  You are my sweet baby boy and I am honored and grateful to be your mommy forever.  You are a joy to my life.


Here are the last two posts for Deacon’s birthday’:

Turning three

Turning two


6 responses to “My baby boy is FOUR!

  1. Can I just tell you that I love Deacon’s voice too!!! That was one of the first things I noticed about him when I met him, (and his big smile!) He is such a sweetie in Jumping Stones

  2. Jamie! How is that possible?!! I remember when you called me after he was born! I paced and paced through my house as I talked to you, too excited to sit still. What a blessing your whole family has been to mine! Happy Birthday Deacon!!!

  3. Your babies are just gorgeous – what blessing. I’m so glad you write out your heart here.

  4. Oh My…I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!!! Love those memories – so special. Happy Birthday, Sweet Deacon!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Deacon!!

    I love that kid. He’s already impacted so many lives. God has an incredible plan and I’m so glad that I get to watch as He uses the Ivey family! 🙂

    Love you James!

  6. happy birthday deacon. he is blessed to have you as him mommy.

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