first football game

Tonight Story had tofu for the first time!


Friday Story had her first taste of Home Slice and we went to our first Reagan game a family!  Story did fabulous!





Yesterday might have been the hardest day since we have been home.  Then today was maybe the best.  I love that.  Yesterday I was weary and today I feel good after the kids are in bed.  She is getting comfortable here.  I notice more of her crying is not for no reason at all, but yet b/c I tell her no.  I think that might be a good sign.  🙂

6 responses to “first football game

  1. Ya’ll are beautiful!!! Glad to hear she is settling in :o)

  2. Ahhh, love the family photo!

  3. Great family photo! So happy she is finally here for good. Praying Amos follows quickly.

  4. Real, actual, big family stuff! Love it!

  5. Time for a new header that has Story’s pic in it 🙂

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