Story is …..


  • is happiest when eating
  • is saddest when meal time is over
  • enjoys Barney the most of all the cartoons she has seen
  • has THE BEST laugh in our house right now
  • has the LOUDEST cry in our house right now
  • is still soaking through her diaper and jammies every night!
  • poops every time she sleeps
  • is sleeping SO GOOD!
  • has the cutest shoulder shrug when she dances
  • calls both the boys “deacon”
  • her favorite phrase is “no deacon”
  • loves her Papa when he has food to give her!
  • loves to drink bath water
  • thinks she’s in charge of her brothers!
  • can go from happy to sad in a matter of seconds
  • is getting around much better
  • likes to do things on her own time
  • might have possibly said “cayden” “carson” “papa” and “momma” yesterday – they all kinda sounded the same

We are loving having a girl and all the pink that comes along with that!  We can tell that she is going to have some spunk to her!  I predict she’ll be running this house in a few months!


*photo from Adrianne Collins from airport.


***Go HERE for photos of Story from in the hospital by Steven Bush.



6 responses to “Story is …..

  1. Hi Jamie! Congrats on having Story home. We’re living in Haiti and are in process of adopting our daughter Olivia. It’s exciting to know that eventually things do move!

    Liv did the soak through thing too and we finally started using pull ups at night and for nap time and it did the trick. We occasionally get a wet bed, but she’s a bit of a camel and likes her water!

    Have fun as you settle into being 4. Praying you’ll be 5 soon.

  2. Jamie, I’m friends with Emily Ward, she’s on worship team at the Stone. My husband and I are really intrigued by your adoption story, and I just wanted to ask you if you had any information you could share about the Haiti adoption process, or how you went about it. I know you are probably one busy mom, but if you had anything you could email me or share, I’d definitely appreciate it! Thanks Jamie. I enjoy your blog and following the story of how God brought Story into your family! I’m excited to read along as He prepares to bring her brother home too.

  3. I don’t really know how I found your blog. My sister is Brea F., and she has adopted two children Domestically, but I am always blog surfing during lunch and found yours. I know that my Bro-in-law loves Aaron Ivey so I feel it is all a connection.

    I sew on the side, I am also a teacher, PE for Elementary School, and wanted to encourage you to go to my blog and register for my giveaway. I would love to custom make something for Ms. Story.

    Check it out. Your blog is amazing!!

    Just wanted to leave some blog comment love.
    God bless you and your beautiful family.


  4. Hey there I think it’s good that our boys have a little momma to take care of business, Story and Everett should trade secrets one day. I can’t wait till we all get together again and they all play together, it was so much fun. I look at the group picture of the kids in the rain (and my naked girl) and it makes me smile. Can’t wait till next time. Love ya’ll.

  5. Jaim,
    My heart is just SOOO happy for you and your family!
    I love reading your updates and seeing your baby girl’s pics.
    Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

  6. Hi Jamie- Your list of Story’s likes/dislikes sounds VERY familiar. Alivia Wislaine is/was much like that when she came home. She is still THE LOUDEST in our home!! She only wanted to be held for the longest time when she came home (no problem for me!! slight problem for housework) She ate all the time and still will snack all day long if we let her. She is very spirited and a joy to be around. Glad Story is doing better with her walking. Praying for good news from MOI soon for Amos!! The Fox’s

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