Story is walking.

I keep forgetting that I haven’t updated you all yet on Story’s walking.  I had a few people ask and it made me think that I have let you all down and haven’t filled you in on what’s going on.


So … we saw the doctor last week and she wanted us to get through the weekend and see how things were going.


Let me stop right here and tell you that we have found a HUGE jewel in a pediatrician.  Oh my goodness.  We had a pediatrician before but I haven’t ever been a huge fan of her.  I never thought about changing b/c honestly we only usually see them once a year for check ups.  My kids just don’t get sick very often.  Someone recommended this new doc to me b/c they had heard she had been to an international adoption seminar for doctors.  That got my attention.  Then when we were being released from hospital I mentioned to the doctor I was thinking about this new pediatrician for Story and she highly recommended her.


So …. Story has a fabulous doctor who has called me personally many times on my cell phone to check on Story.  She is amazing.  She is concerned.  She gets adoption.  She gets that we want time at home to become a family before we throw Story into a million tests.  She gets that I sleep with my 2 year old when she cries.  She gets that we are still giving our 2 year old a bottle.  She is fabulous!


Okay … enough PR for our new pediatrician!  If you want her number  & name let me know!


So, Thursday we spent ALL day at Dell having bone scans done.  I had no idea the procedure that went into this progress.  We were there all day all for one test.  After the bone scan my doctor called literally as I was being discharged to tell me to stay b/c she wanted x-ray’s done.  So, we did that as well while we were there.


All tests came back normal.   NORMAL.  nothing wrong.  Why was she not walking.  No one could figure it out!


Fast forward to this past Sunday morning.  It was just the kids and I all day long.  I decided to see if Story would try to walk.  Her first walk was from my office to the kitchen.  I walked behind her holding both hands and she did it.  If you tell her you’re going to feed her she’ll do just about anything!!!


Since then she is still walking with help and very little with no help.  I have not seen her stand up on her own and walk, but only if we assist her at first.  If she needs to get somewhere crawling is her main way of doing it.


So …. medically she is doing well!  Walking with assistance and is totally a different kid than the one we came home with on the 23rd.  She is eating great.  Sleeping wonderfully and each day we see more smiles and less tears.




4 responses to “Story is walking.

  1. Praise God!! We will continue to pray!

  2. Yeah Story! So glad to hear she is making progress and feeling better.

  3. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Just what we’ve been waiting to hear!!!! SOOOO rejoicing w/ you guys!!!!

    And I want that Dr’s name/number if we actually get to Austin! ; ) Put our house on the market today!

  4. I’ve been following your homecoming and hospital stay and sooo glad to hear Story is starting to do some walking! Our little gal is still in Haitl…9 months in IBESR.

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