internet friends.

Last month we went the TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference in Nashville.  We stayed with Kent & Shawnah and had a great time with them!



*Cayden, Sara and Deacon before a wedding they went to with the Shingleton clan!


While I was there I met two friends that I only know through the internet.  So fun to meet them face to face!  If I lived in the same city with either one of these girls I’m certain we would be friends.  They are super cool, love Jesus, love adoption and love the church.  How much better can you get?


This is Shawnda. Her husband Jason was on of the people that put on the fabulous conference.  Jason also works for the Abba Fund. Their family has been formed through birth and through adoption.  They have a huge heart for the orphans in the world.



My next friend to meet was Heidi Weimer.  Her and her husband, Kirk, have 3 children through birth and 6 through adoption.  Yes you read that right.  3+6 = 9 children.  I be their house is super fun!


They are selling shirts and bracelets for their organization.  If you need a Christmas gift they are great!



Heidi is rocking the 147million shirt and I’m rocking one of their necklaces in this picture.  Go here to get more info on all the great stuff to buy that benefits children in Uganda.  My friend Gwen is one of the founders of this great organization.  She is amazing and I’m so glad our paths crossed way back in the day when I had a newborn and she was adopting from China the first time.  She was one of the first people I talked to about adoption, and thank goodness she and I still talk about adoption!!!




3 responses to “internet friends.

  1. I have to have a necklace! Gorgeous and meaningful!

  2. I bought a necklace! I was just talking about these necklaces with Sheila Lynch!

  3. we were there, too! i came to your blog via i know kristin…and i think i was standing right there when you took that pic with shawnda (i know her, too). small small world! 🙂

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