Thursday & Friday 10/22 & 10/23

Thursday and Friday were LONG days. Thursday my plane left Austin at 7AM and was set to arrive in PAP around 3:40 or something like that. The day was great, and I was just ready to get to see my baby. I was anxiously awaiting her being put in my arms forever!

When my plane landed in Miami my phone rang as soon as I turned it on. It was a number that I recognized coming in from Haiti so I answered it even though I was standing in the aisle surrounded by people waiting to get off the plane. It was Licia and she was obviously very concerned about Story at this time. She said she had been running fever, not awake much and not walking. They were freaked out by it. She wasn’t sure what to do b/c we were scheduled to fly out on Friday morning and she didn’t know if Story was up to it.

We talked for a few minutes and I reassured her that Story’s health was our number one concern, and not our flight the next day. I told her I could reschedule my flight and even stay longer if I needed to. We needed to take care of Story. She our call ended with us deciding to get an IV in her and see how she was doing.

I got off the plane and immediately called Aaron and burst into tears. Our baby was sick. It is an awful feeling for your child to be sick and you’re not there. A handful of times our kids have been sick in Haiti and it sucks. You feel helpless. We always are very reassured that they are very well taken care of by Licia and Lori. I knew too at this moment that Licia would do whatever was needed to take care of her. I would trust any my kids to the care of Lori, and that felt good as I was so far away.

I sat in Miami wondering what would happen. Would I get there to find her in a hospital in PAP. Would I spend the weekend alone with her in a very strange and unfamiliar place? I was set to do whatever it took to get Story better and do the best thing for her and not me.


By the time I left Miami they thought she was feeling better.  They had started an IV of fluids for her and she seemed to be a little bit more attentive.  I got on the plane heading to PAP full of a heavy heart and concern for my daughter.  I had no idea what I would find when I got there.


When I arrived in PAP I called Lori to see if she knew if we had the Visa in hand.  She called me back as I was walking down the steps off the plane and told me that the Visa was in hand.  She was FREE TO GO.  I yelled out thanks to Jesus for making a way for Story to come home.


We arrived at the WWV guest house and waited for Story to arrive.  When Zach pulled up, I realized that Licia had brought her in to me.  I was so happy that Licia was able to do that b/c she has cared for and loved her for the past 23 months.  One of my favorite moments when I went to get her was when I walked up to the car and saw her she looked so sick, but when she saw me a small smile came over her face.  I’ll never forget that smile.  Ever.  It was as if she gave it to me to reassure me in our journey.




One response to “Thursday & Friday 10/22 & 10/23

  1. I love this post!! Licia and Lori are the best! I was tearful at the end. I hope story is feeling better. Now we jus need to pray Amos home!


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