hey guys this is Aaron, Jamie’s husband, blogging on her behalf!  she asked me to blog tonight for her, so here it is!

Jamie is almost asleep with Story at Dell Children’s Hospital.  I’m here with the boys back at the house.  Jamie is LOVING having her baby girl home!!  We’ve absolutely seen God’s hand and perfect timing all over this adoption.  We’re so GRATEFUL to have her here in the USA with us.  We found out today that Story has viral meningitis.  They are watching her closely until she’s able to eat/drink/walk as normal before they  will release her.  Because she came from Haiti, they are doing all kinds of thorough tests to make sure she has no parasites or any kinds of other bacterial infections.  They are doing an amazing job of caring for her at Dell.  We’ve had so many friends come by and bring food and gifts… it’s been amazing to see our community (online and local) gather around us and pray for Story’s homecoming and healing.

Jamie says she has A LOT to blog about…but since she’s pretty much got Story in her lap 24 hours a day, she’s saving the blogging time for when she gets home.  She says she’ll give a re-cap of ALL the amazing things God has done.

Please pray that Story starts feeling well enough to move/play/eat very soon so she can come home.  Also, please pray that our sweet AMOS gets to come home very soon as well.

Thanks for your concern, support, and prayers!!


13 responses to “STORY IS IN THE USA!

  1. I’m so thrilled that she’s home in Austin, in the care of great doctors, and in the arms of her mama! I’m praying for her healing and also for your family’s adjustment. Blessings to you!

  2. Prayers, blessings and well-wishes for you and your newly expanded family! Praying for God’s perfect peace and protection during your little girl’s healing process. Praying for God’s grace and covering over your little boys at home as they anticipate the eminent arrival of their sister. And also praying that Amos is blessed with understanding, patience and trust beyond his years as he waits for the mountains to be moved on his behalf.

  3. will lift you all up !!! send me your address … would love to send a gift card for dinner or something … love to you all !!!

  4. Cheryl in Michigan


  5. YES! so glad that baby is finally home. God is good! praying for her healing, praying for amos, and praying for both of you daily! we love you guys & can’t wait to come to austin & meet the new addition to the ivey family!

  6. praying very specifically for your precious Amos today. our Great Comforter who loves him above and beyond comprehension is there with and for him, may he see the graciousness of God today in a very simple heart-spoken way.

    snuggle close to your beautiful little girl, you all need it.

  7. Tears streaming down my face as I read about your STORY being fulfilled. How blessed I am to have been a **small** part of your STORY coming home. I just love that I know your family and will enjoy reading how your STORY unfolds in the days and weeks to come. Will continue to pray for your sweet Amos to complete this STORY in God’s perfect timing.
    Much Love To You Guys,
    Nicole … MMH ( :

  8. You give all the adoptive families hope that someday their little girls will come home soon hopefully

  9. Praying for Story here in MN.!
    Thank God you were able to bring here home so she can get the medical help to get well!!
    Your whole family is in my prayers….

    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

  10. I’m so glad she is home! Praying for her full recovery!

  11. so glad sweet story is here! how wonderful. praying she gets better fast and that amos comes home soon!

  12. How exciting to have Story home. I will be praying for her healing.

  13. Congratulations on getting your little girl home! Hopefully Amos will be home soon:O)

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