visa in hand.

I am here and doing good.  Landed early and got a phone call that the visa was in hand.  I literally said outloud “praise you Jesus” as I was walking down the steps of the plane.


Story is sick.  Doing better but not good.  Our plan is to watch her and get her home soon and possibly to the doctor when we get home Friday night.  She has some weird symptoms and I’m sure as soon as I walk into the hospital with a sick baby from a 3rd world country they will rush her back and begin the run down on tests!


One thing that is super cool is that when Licia & Zach showed up to the guest house with Story when she saw me she smiled.  It was a sad smile, but none the less  it was a smile from my baby b/c she saw me and knew me.


We had a blow out diaper tonight, so I’m begging Jesus to not let that happen tomorrow on the plane!!!


I have her passport with Visa attached & all my paperwork that I need to get through customs.


If all goes well I should arrive in Austin at 7:10 tomorrow night.  Come out and visit if you want, but know that Story is not feeling well, so she might look sad!  Also we’re not going to be passing her around so we can bond well.  If you come, you will see one happy mamma!!!


35 responses to “visa in hand.

  1. Meg and B.J, King


  2. Congrats! So pumped for you guys!

  3. It thrills me to no end to finally be reading this post. Praise the Lord! I am praying for you guys.

  4. What fantastic news!!! Congratulations! Wishing you and Story a safe flight home! Home! Your girl is coming home! God is so good. I hope she gets better soon and will continue to pray for bonding and for Amos.

  5. I’m so happy to see such great news! I can’t wait to see pictures from the happy arrival home!!

    Praying here in MN. for a safe trip and no nasty diapers!
    I will pray also for little man to get to come home soon!
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

  7. YAY!!!!! I’m so excited for you! I’ll definitely be praying against diaper blow outs and for her quick recovery and deep bonding.

    1 down 1 to go… 🙂

  8. Praising God for another child home!!!!

  9. What a blessing and answer to prayer. I will be praying for your endurance and Story’s health as well as sweet Amos’ heart right now.

  10. Wow! What an incredible encouragement. I praise the Lord for your persistence and for your precious baby girl. God bless you guys!!!

  11. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! I love to see the faithfulness of our LORD!!! thanks for sharing your journey Jamie….praying for Amos to come home.

  12. Jamie…I can’t believe it! Really!! I am in awe that the day is finally here when you will bring your baby girl home, so I cannot even begin to imagine what you are feeing! I so wish that a bunch of us from the ‘Boro were there to welcome story home! I will be praying for you guys while you are bonding, for sweet Story’s health, and of course that precious Amos will join you all soon and that God would protect his heart!!! We love you guys and praise God for this AMAZING blessing!!

  13. Praise Jesus indeed!

  14. Congratulations! We’re ecstatic for y’all, and we’ll be praying for Story’s health and your travels home.

  15. Yes! Praise You Jesus! Praying for the trip home & Story.

  16. Praise You Jesus is right!! So excited for your fam…

  17. Jamie, We are SO excited for you and wish that we could be there when you guys get home. We’re praying that Story gets well quickly and that you have a safe trip (with no blow outs :)!!!

  18. So exciting…. praying she gets well quickly so you can all start adjusting to your new life together!

  19. Yes!!!! Answered prayer never gets old! We praise our Lord Jesus for this, and ask Him that Story travel well, and adjustments at home go so smoothly!!! Bless the Lord for this day!!!! Praying for her health, for Amos to come home quickly, and for the rest of the wonderful Iveys that I love so much!

  20. So happy for you!!!!! Praying for your flight and for Story’s healing.

  21. SO happy for you that you are bringing your baby HOME! Praying for a great flight for you both and that your daughter feels better soon.

  22. Praise the Lord! God Bless your new baby girl!

  23. Poor baby girl. I hope she is feeling better soon and pray it is nothing serious. Safe travels and God bless!

  24. I am so happy for you and your family we will be praying for a very quick recovery for your little girl….

  25. Jamie,
    I am so happy for you and your family!

  26. praise you Jesus is right! congrats. safe flight.

  27. Praise you, Jesus!!! Yes, oh yes–praise be to our great Provider. I’ve been praying for you daily these last few weeks and am so thankful that the paperwork is in order at last. We’ll continue to pray for Story to get good medical treatment (isn’t the Lord’s timing incredible?) and bond well with your family here in the U.S.

  28. It must feel like a dream!

  29. yyyiiiippppppeeeeeee … OH MY WORD … i have been praying for this forever and now it is here … I am so thrilled for you guys … Your strength and faith is an inspiration to many … I LOVE YA BUNCHES GIRL !!!!

  30. Goosebumps from head to toe. PRAISE GOD!

  31. We are so excited for you guys! I hope she feels better soon!

  32. How Wonderful! God Bless you guys and your new baby girl now that she is home!

  33. I’ve been obsessively checking your tweets since last week and our family has been praying for yours. Praise God that you are now going HOME as I type this and He worked all things for good! What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Praying your Amos comes home soon, too.

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