no visa today.

Today was our Visa appt day!  I was so excited, but also not stressing out either.  I knew that one of two things could happen.  They would say YES WE GIVE YOU A VISA or they would say WE WOULD LOVE TO GIVE YOU A VISA BUT WE NEED THIS FROM YOU.

So, I was prepared for both.  My friend Lori was so nice to call our facilitator in Haiti and find out for me what had happened at our appt.  Turns out they had lost two pieces of our paperwork. Great.  One paper was not that important and the other was very important.  Not sure why they required a paper that was not that important, but whatever.

After a few more phone calls I was told that they found a copy of the important paper and they’ll take it back there tomorrow and that should complete her file.  Then they’ll either give her a visa in the same day (highly unlikely) or tell her to come back the next day or Friday to get the Visa.

So, not a terrible day even though it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Someone asked if I was doing okay with this. YES I’M DOING GREAT.  For real.  I never cried today, stressed out or  lost my emotions!  I think being 2 years into this you expect this.  If things had gone of perfect without a hitch I would have been totally thrown off guard!  This way is normal!

Tomorrow they’ll take our paper in.  Pray that they need nothing else, that the paper is sufficient for them and that we get a Visa THIS WEEK!


12 responses to “no visa today.

  1. jamie, you do know it was the consulate that lost the papers & not barbara, right? – just making sure!! – i’ll call tomorrow around noonish & then call you with ‘the news’ – praying for you girl!!

  2. praying ahead of your day for you.

  3. You are amazing, Jamie!

  4. love you and am praying!

  5. i’m praying, i’m praying, i’m praying, i’m praying, i’m praying…….

  6. praying you get the Visa soon.

  7. you are such a good example to this adoptive mommy! thank you for showing us what trusting the lord looks like…even when it’s hard. praying you get the visa this week!

  8. You’ll get the visa and it still won’t feel real until you are walking thru your front door with Story. Sending good happy thoughts your way.

  9. i just read someone else’s twitter that story was approved?!?!?!?!?!? =) technology amazes me. especially since i dont know you. but i pray it is true.

  10. way to take it in stride. praying for you!

  11. Jamie. I don’t know you but I have followed this journey on Aaron’s blog for the entire 2 years. I have wept and prayed, many times for your family. Today I am really so torn up for you all. BUT so encouraged. I type this after reading the great news that Story’s visa was approved and she could come home but then reading that she is very sick. SO, that is why I am crying today. I am gonna post on my blog for EVERYONE to pray for your family. Story’s healing, Amos to pass MO and get to come home. The enemy of all things right and good HATES this and is fighting hard but he will not win Jamie. I am standing with you and will continue to press in for your family to be together, home, happy, living life and loving each other, sooner not later. God bless.

  12. Just came over from Carole’s blog post about you and wanted you to know I’ll be praying for you guys as the Lord brings you to my mind. Your kids are beautiful! (We’re waiting what seems endlessly as well… God’s timing can be so hard to understand!)

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