Visa Appt!!

We have a VISA APPT!!!!  Yippee!!!  We are so thrilled!  Her appt is next Tuesday.

Thank you all for your advice.  Aaron and I have talked about this lots since I got here.  We’ve gone back and forth on what to do.  For now, we feel it is best if I go home as planned tomorrow.  I know most all of you have said STAY, but there are other factors that we didn’t feel we should share here as well, and so that’s what made our decision.  I’ll go home tomorrow and then we’ll wait until we here that they have the Visa in hand and then make plans to come down here.

We are just thrilled that we have THE appt we’ve been waiting on for her!  Now we just need our sweet Amos to get through MOI!


26 responses to “Visa Appt!!

  1. YAY! Hallelujah! Awesome! 🙂 This made my day!!! So excited for you guys. Love you!

  2. PRAISE GOD!!!

  3. praise the lord!! – i wanna be at the homecoming

  4. Jamie, that is such wonderful news, praise the Lord!!!! Been praying for you guys.

  5. I’m super happy for you all!!! God is so good : )

  6. That’s awesome, Jamie! We’re so happy for all of y’all!

  7. SO STINKIN EXCITING!!!!! Congratulations….you’re SOCLOSE!!!!!

  8. THAT IS AMAZING!!! Congratulations 🙂 And PRAISE THE LORD!!!

  9. Did I read that right? In the same day you got your I600 approval and your appointment set up?!?! Please let me know if this is true.

  10. this has me smiling!!!!!

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  12. Yeah! Praying for the appointment to go well, for safe travels and for Amos to get out of MOI. Do you know what’s holding things up? I can’t remember if you’ve said. Anyway, hoping things go quickly for him too!

  13. WhooooHooo!!! Congrats!

  14. Yay!! I am so excited for you guys! I hope I get to see my little cousin at Thanksgiving!

  15. What a wonderful answered prayer!!! I am rejoicing with you!!! Praise the Lord!!! Jamie, continued prayers for you, and all details to be worked out so quickly. much love!

  16. You’re ALMOST THERE!!!! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait until they are home! Love you!

  17. Jamie, I am praising God and crying with tears of joy for you!!!! Iam just so thrilled. I will continue to pray for sweet Amos!! Thank you so much for taking all those adorable pics of Hope and Faith!!! Your the greatest!!!!


  18. YEAH!! PTL! I am so glad that you have a visa appointment. What a HUGE blessing!
    Praying that it is granted and someone can head back to Haiti soon to bring sweet Story home!

  19. YAY!!!!


  21. Congrats!! So happy for you!

    ps. you have been nominated 🙂

  22. Congrats!! So happy for you!

    ps you have been nominated

  23. The dawn of another days has already arrived here in Italy and I awoke praying for your Visa appointment. God is doing amazing things in our lives moment by moment and I am praying that today (Tuesday) God will bless your faithfulness and your hope in Him with a notably refreshing and encouraging Visa appointment. That all can look on the results perplexed by the ease and efficiency of God’s timing and hand in the hearts of all.

    just thought I’d let you know we’re praying already for your BIG day!


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