to go or stay.

If you’ve adopted from Haiti I want your opinion on something.

I’m here in Haiti.  Our I600 got approved yesterday.  I’m supposed to fly out tomorrow.  I could wait or I could go.

What would you do?  Go home and wait for Visa appt and visa in hand, or stay here?  We all know it could happen quick, or something could happen to make it go slow.

I’ve been advised to stay by smart people and to go by smart people.  what do you think?


16 responses to “to go or stay.

  1. The question is this:

    Can Aaron deal with you being gone another four or five or seven business (not weekend) days? I would say the only bad thing would be to stay through the weekend and then bail out on Monday or Tuesday — if you stay, be prepared to stay till you have the Visa … and know it might be a couple business days before you have it in your hand.

    We have a ton going on and school happening but if you need or want to relocate to town give me a call 3798-2859.

  2. if barbara says stay, i’d for sure stay – if she’s hesitant, then i’d come home – the mommy in you wants to stay i know!!

  3. praying for wisdom!

  4. if its in question, i’d stay… just to have more time with a even if nothing else happens quickly enough.

  5. Just know if you chose to stay all will be taken care of here. I speak for all the wonderful women we do life with, those boys would not have a single care to worry about!!! Praying for you.

  6. What incredible news!!!! YAY!!! Praying for you! And yes, totally agree with Laura, your family will be taken care of 🙂

  7. I would stay. We brought our daughter home 2+ years ago and there was a glitch in the Visa scheduling. I ended up staying about 2 weeks, but it was a really good thing. It gave her lots of time to become comfortable with me which made the trip home more pleasant. Plus you’ll save hundreds on flying back and forth.

  8. I think you should stay, it s only a matter of days now.

  9. I have no experience with Haiti, obviously, but I think I’d stay!!! You know you want to!!!

  10. watchingthewaters

    If your children at home are covered, I would stay. Only because I would not be able to go home without her. But I would also say, seriously take into account whatever your facilitator says, along with whatever advice Tara/Troy & Beth/John give you. And pray on it together with Aaron, and see which answer gives you more peace.

  11. Stay…Fear Not…. If God has brought you this far he will lead the way. Stay with your kids and trust God like never before. Use this as a time of prayer and waiting on Him alone. I will be praying for a fast move on your visa. If God can move mountains he can Move visa papers.

  12. Lord, I pray you will give the Iveys lots of wisdom today. Make it clear what they should do. Give them amazing favor and make the rest of the process go quickly and smoothly. Make Story’s homecoming amazing!

  13. Oh, it’s so hard to know! I had decided that I was staying until I could bring them home and by the grace of God, the lady in charge of visas agreed to see me and grant my visa w/out an appt because we had already been waiting for over 2 weeks past when it should have been done.

    I agree, if Barbara says you should stay- STAY! Soak up that bonding time when there aren’t other kids who also need your attention. You won’t get that kind of time once you’re home with her. If your other kiddos are covered, and you can afford it, I think that this time could be so precious.

    If it’s not possible, or Barbara doesn’t recommend it, I’m just so glad that you know that it will be VERY SOON! You’ll be back there taking her in your arms and bringing her with you. PRAISE GOD!

  14. I have no kids and we barely know each other…ready for advice from a true outsider looking in?!?!


    If Aaron says stay, stay. You do have a lot of people who will take care of things for you back here! The other thing that perked me up was whoever it was up there who said something about saving money on plane tickets by not flying back and fourth…if they could get the Visa stuff together in a couple weeks (like if that’s typically how long it takes) then I’d stay. How CRAZY that you got the 1600 right now?! God is good. praying for y’all!

    I can’t believe it’s almost done with Story…like it’s so close…a huge party is coming…I think everyone at church and elsewhere who lives vicariously through y’alls blogs is on the edge of their seats right now! How exciting!!!!

  15. Jamie… I did it both ways, with Sutton I stayed, it took 3 weeks and it with worth it. With Isaiah I came home, it took 9 weeks and I’m glad I came home. Of course, if I had stayed with Isaiah it may have gone faster because I would have been there pushing really hard for an appointment.

    You and Aaron are the only ones that can make that decision, pray about it. Talk about it honestly. And once the decision is made, don’t second guess it. Trust God!!! Can’t wait to hear what you decide. I will be praying!

  16. Sounds like you have made your decision. I don’t blame you – anything can happen! Plus, I wonder if it might be better for Amos not to see you leave with Story after a long visit? Such hard decisions in the midst of such good news. I’m giddy about how close you are!

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