Day #2 AM

I cherish each day I’m with my kids, but if I’m super honest it is always kinda hard for me.  I wish that we could get in a car and go to a park, or go to a museum, or go and do something.  My always on the go American lifestyle is hard for me sometimes.  I’m learning to just sit and hold and sit and read and sit and sit.  It’s been good.  We’ll go downstairs and sit with the other kids, then come back upstairs, then go out the gate for a walk, then something different.

The kids have been awesome and I feel more attached to Story than ever before.  In fact sometimes she’ll reach for me when someone else is around.  That makes my heart jump for joy.  Amos is fabulous and remembers me all the same!


When Aaron left last time he accidently came home with Amos’ shirt, so I brought it back this time.  He was super excited to see it!

He still asks about every 30 min if Papa is coming today.  🙂  I smile and tell him not today, but in a few weeks.  So Aaron you better schedule a visit soon!!


*Notice the 3 fever blisters on the top of my lip.  UGH!  There are two on the inside too.  The stress of this trip and visa stuff is getting to me!

Today he’ll come up to me and just kiss all over me.  It is so fun!  He has also gotten very jealous today if I play with the kids downstairs at all.  I’ll start messing with the kids and he’ll tell me he’s ready to go back upstairs!

We have colored today:



Played downstairs with Hope & Faith.


My favorite pic of the kids so far and I can’t get it to turn!  you can turn your head and see how super cute they are!


Okay so none of them will turn for me now.  So this will be it for now.  Here is a man that brought his 10 month old twins to the clinic.  One is named Baby Love and the other is named Love Baby.  Go figure!  The one in is lap is sicker than the other and so she was admitted to the rescue center.  I can’t remember which one she was!


The kids are getting baths and then the nanny will put them down for naps.  I think I might go crawl in bed next to Amos and get a nap myself!  For some reason I must have temporarily lost my mind while packing and I brought no toys for the kids.  Seriously, what kind of mom am I?  When I first got here I went to get something out of my backpack and Amos and Story crowded around as if I was about to unload their gifts.  Nope, not this time.  I think I’ve been in a daze the past couple of weeks and this is part of the result of that!  We’re doing just fine though!

I emailed the adoption unit today and told them that I’m here for a few days and would love to attend the Visa appointment, so we’ll see what they say.  🙂  I’m kinda thinking I might be here for a few extra days.  If any of you can help Aaron, please email him!  I’ll know more tomorrow.   If I’m here until next week sometime and Aaron leaves Monday it could get crazy around our house!  Where’s my live in nanny when I need one!

7 responses to “Day #2 AM

  1. that photo of the two of them is def. a framer…

  2. Hi jamie, i read your blog often. you don’t know me i have commented a couple of times. just wanted you to know i’m praying so hard you take story home with you! she is so precious and i check several times a day to see if you have heard. praying, erin

  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jamie for the picture of Hope and Faith. They are getting so big!! I miss them so much!! You have blessed me BIG. I am praying, praying, praying Story gets to come home with you!! Let us know.


  4. wow, those fever blisters are HUGE! 🙂

  5. Man, I wish I lived in Austin. I would love to take the boys so you could stay! I remember those last few days of waiting (I was in Haiti for 21 days working on getting Sutton home). You don’t want to leave thinking that tomorrow could be “The day”. Praying for that visa appt!!! Can’t wait to see both of the kids home where they belong!

  6. I’m in Nashville that’s where!! How can I get there?? When will the boys be old enough to fly here by themselves! haha. I’m so excited about everything with Story! Praying the Visa stuff goes smoothly! Give extra hugs to Amos and Story for me! Love you!

  7. Hey Jamie I don’t know if this is an actual request but I can come stay with the boys for a few days- for sure. I work odd hours sometimes but I can def switch stuff around/ coordinate with people, and I know John would let me work mostly from “home,” if you need someone. Just an offer.

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