day one with kids.

i have a few minutes before dinner, so i’ll give you a short recap of the day:

  1. got up at 4:30 am again.  ugh i’m dragging now!
  2. plane boarded late and then sat on run way for an hour b/c someone was missing.  lovely.
  3. got to haiti and was the last one waiting on bags.  they never came.  i filed a report.
  4. troy took me to embassy and i gave them my fingerprints page that they had been needing.
  5. hoping and praying that i get a visa appt soon!
  6. went and met zach.
  7. went and got backpack from troy.
  8. went and got bags from airport.  🙂

amos was very hesitant of me at first.  very shy and standoffish.  stroy went straight for my lap.  since then he has warmed up completely and is his regular old self.  very clingy to me and very lovey.  i love it.  🙂 story is super sweet and has been great with me too.

we’ve gone for a walk outside, read books, colored and are about to eat dinner and then this momma is putting kids to bed and going to bed herself!

i just read HOP ON POP to the kids and we all fell asleep in the rocking chair together.  Super sweet.  This is the last book I read Cayden and Deacon before I left, so that’s cool.

3 responses to “day one with kids.

  1. i wish i was a fly on the wall with a video camera to capture these sweet moments…. praying for you jamie ivey!

  2. So good to know you are holding your precious ones in Haiti.

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