Did I mention that …..

  • Tomorrow I will be in Haiti
  • i am already packed and it’s not even midnight yet
  • our dryer stopped drying today which means i’m leaving dirty clothes for aaron to deal with
  • i now have a nagging cough
  • not only does a mom have to pack for herself when leaving, but also get house ready for her departure as well
  • USC IS is closed on Monday and I need to get something to them
  • I want to bring Story home, but it’s getting less likely by the day
  • I will stay longer if i have to in order to bring her home
  • when I return, Aaron leaves Monday for two weeks
  • i am not looking forward to leaving my kids on Friday – the worst part by far
  • i’m excited about getting to haiti – haven’t been since march

6 responses to “Did I mention that …..

  1. praying for you as you go…

    know my heart is with you there… I am ready to be there again SO SO BAD.

  2. this is a little off topic but…you may want to to make sure the dryer vent/tube thingy isn’t clogged with lint. that is one reason they can stop drying and it is a fire hazard so you may want to check that out!

  3. I am praying that you can bring her back. How exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I hope USCIS gets their act together so that it goes smoothly! You are so close, Jamie!!

  4. Enjoy your sweet babies.

  5. Wow– hope you have an amazing time.

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