so close, but yet so far.

Something magical happens at the chiropractors office.  I have received two emails from USCI S while at my chiropractors office.  I feel like I’m always there when I get news from them.

Any email I receive is good, b/c it let’s me know that something is happening.  Tuesday I received an email that they are reviewing my file.  I wondered how long that would take and today I got another email from them.

As I saw who it was from and opened it up while laying on the traction table I held my breath as I hoped for good news.  Instead they told me my fingerprints had expired and whenever I got a valid I-171H to forward it to them for the final review.



I have looked over our documents a million times during this process just to make sure nothing expired on us during our wait.   That has actually been a huge fear of mine during this wait time.

I laid on that table trying to remember when it was we got our fingerprints.  I knew that we had already redone them once and we did them in San Antonio.  So we’ve only been here for 13 months and I thought they lasted 15, so surely they hadn’t expired!

I raced home to go through all my documentation to find that yes they are still valid until early 2010 and that we do have a valid I-171H.  What a huge sigh of relief on my end.

I hurried and scanned them and sent them in a reply to the email.  Then I proceeded to check my email every minute and a half until 5 o’clock hit.  NOthing back.  Not that I thought I would, but I was just hoping!

So, now we wait.  I hope that they find what they are looking for and finish reviewing our file and send it to the adoption unit TOMORROW!

I would love to have an approved I600 TOMORROW and a visa appt for next week!  Oh my goodness.  PLEASE don’t let something be wrong with my fingerprints.  If so, we can’t do anything about it until I get back from Haiti.  Please don’t let something be wrong.



9 responses to “so close, but yet so far.

  1. Jamie, what’s the expiration date on your I171H? We’re in the exact same spot as you and are worried that we need to refile our I600A. We’ve kept our fingerprints up to date, filed our I600 in Haiti in 2007, but our I171H expired months ago. I hate that USCIS doesn’t make it clearer what we need to do.

  2. Praying Praying Praying that you get to bring that sweet little girl home with you.

  3. praying! love the photo!

  4. Still Praying!! 🙂

  5. that is the cutest little girl, Jamie! She WILL be home soon!!! I KNOW it!!! i’m praying so hard.

  6. It is going to happen. I ‘m praying for you all.


  7. O H MY, GRACIOUS!! I am on the edge of my seat for you and am soooooooo ready to head over there and help these folks along!!!!!! Gonna pray hard, that this all falls into place!

    They will get your email and figure it all out. I would also suggest that you also contact your local DHS that handles adoptions and see if they would be willing to also contact the folks in PAP and clear things up- confirm that your fingerpritns are fine etc.
    Praying that things come together for that Visa just in the perfect timing!

  9. Praying for you Jamie and for your precious Amos and Story. I will pray specifically for this fingerprint situation and hope with all my heart that precious Story gets to come home with you next week!

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