Going Public & The Middle Mom

I finished two books over the weekend while we were in Nashville.  Don’t start to think of me as super reader, I just love to read in the car when Aaron’s driving!

I finished GOING PUBLIC by David & Kelli Pritchard.  I enjoyed this book a lot.  We made the decision this past year to put Cayden in public school. It was one of the hardest decisions we’ve made in parenting.  The reason it was so hard was b/c Aaron and I were on completely different pages.  At one point I was considering home schooling for a while.  Then it was between private and public.  I already wrote on here how God changed my heart and gave me a peace that was not of myself, but only of him.

So far public school has been great for us!  Cayden is a lover of learning, so he is soaking up all the new stuff he learns each day!  Here are the three top things I took from the book:

  • The three most important things to teach your public school child are:  1.  Love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.  2.  to obey you unconditionally 3.  self control.
  • We are all called to home school.  As parents we should be the #1 influencer in our child’s life.  You should use every moment at school (good or bad) as a teaching moment.  Be an influencer in your child’s life.  Talk to them.  Listen to them.  Make sure your home is a place of honest and open communication.  Have a parent home with them full time to be involved in every aspect of their lives.
  • God is in charge.  No matter where your child is at school God is in charge.  Public school can’t do anything to my child, b/c God is in charge.  We serve a big God who is bigger than any “agenda” that people might think public school has out for our kids.

If you have kids in public school or are a grandparent of kids in public school, or will eventually have kids in public school I would highly recommend this book.  I’m hoping that Aaron will read it next!

The next book I finished is called THE MIDDLE MOM by Christie Erwin.  My great friend Shawnah let me borrow the book and I read it in a few hours.  It’s a super easy book and not long at all.  Its about this woman’s journey through foster care with a private adoption agency and then with the state foster care system.  I found myself tearing up a few times during the book when she talked about the pain of sending kids home.

I have found myself thinking about foster care so much more lately.  It is coming up all around us and I don’t find that to be a coincidence at all!  I think that after we get our kids home and settled you just might see the Ivey family with kids coming in and out of our homes.  We just might be their middle family.


6 responses to “Going Public & The Middle Mom

  1. Both sound like great books that I would enjoy. Thanks for sharing. We chose to send our three older kids to public school this year after homeschooling for 8 years. It was a hard decision but a good one. Last night our middle schooler told me they were learning about evolution. Thankfully he has enough knowledge of the truth. I am glad for that and have peace that the Lord will protect our babies.

  2. i’d like to read the going public book – although i will never put my kids in public school, for very personally reasons – i would love to see what this book has to say about it! Tell me, obviously the sovereignty of God supersedes parentally control, but how does he address the issue of God FIRST putting parents over their children? I hope this question makes sense!! 🙂

    • hey Jamie and ‘thephotographers’s wife’ – how do I contact the author of this comment? I too have that same question about God first putting parents over their children and I would love to connect! Also because I saw that Arrow is on a favorite website on the linked blog above (we are using them to go through our foster training…) there might be other similar topics we have in interest : )

      • Hey JoAnna and ‘photographer’s wife” – i hope you guys can get hooked up and meet! I love when people get new friends!

        I see what you are saying about God putting parents FIRST in charge of their kids. I would say this … I am FiRST in charge of Cayden. The school is not. I am. Everything that happens is filtered through me. yes I’m not there all those hours, but in the whole 365 days of the year I am with him MORE. lots more in fact. we talk a lot with Cayden. we are instilling morals in him. we are teaching him at home to love God first. We are teaching him to love others more than himself. We are teaching him to obey the people that are in authority over him.

        by him being at school we feel he is meeting friends and developing compassion, empathy, self control, and hopefully a spirit of kindness towards his friends and teachers.

        these are our thoughts and I think you both would enjoy the book even if you dont’ send your kids to school. We BY NO MEANS think everyone should send their child to public school. We think parents should do what THEY and GOD feel is best for their kids.

        We have decided to take each kid and each school year YEAR BY YEAR and maybe even semester by semester!!!!

        Good luck to you both! HOpe you become friends!!!! 😉

  3. jamie_if you need a new book (or even if you don’t) I highly, highly recommend “There is an Urgency” by Greg Love. Appropriately titled “There is an Urgency” because he feels there is an urgent need for awareness of abuse and stories such is his to be told. Just finished it..it is one you will NOT be able to put down…break your heart, and warning…it will without a doubt bring tears and shock and bring out the “middle parent” in you with a quickness…check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. Hi Jamie!
    I came across your blog while I was working on some ‘stuff’ for the book-?? I’m Christie Erwin-the author of The Middle Mom (that still seems weird to type!) I really appreciate you mentioning the book on your blog-and I am so excited about your pending adoptions. I am praying as I type that things will finally move quickly and you guys can get your precious little ones home where they belong!! 🙂

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