Did I mention I’m going to Haiti next week?

Have I mentioned that I’m heading to Haiti in exactly six night-nights (yes that’s how we count things around here)! Yes six night-nights. It is crazy. This trip was last minute and is creeping up on us and sometimes, believe it or not, I forget I’m going to Haiti on Monday.

I know crazy.

Monday will be here before we know it and I will be loving all over my kids when I get there. I can’t even believe it. I haven’t seen them since March and that is killing me. Killing me. Killing me. I need to feel them in my arms.

Two of my close friends had babies this week. Leslie had her baby girl, Ivey, yesterday and today my BFF, Amy, had her baby boy, Slater. I’m so over joyed for them. So happy! I am also so very jealous. In a nice way, not in a mean way b/c I love both of these girls so much. They both started their journey 9 months ago, and I started mine 2 years ago. Not fair. But this is what it is.

Next week when I go to Haiti there is a very real chance that Story could come home with me.

BUT let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s also a very real chance Story could not come home with us.

Right now we’re waiting on the US CiS to approve our I600. That’s all we need for them to do. That’s it. That’s it. Then we get a visa appt. Then we get a visa. Then she comes home.

Today I received an email in my inbox and it was from Haiti USCI S. I nearly screamed out loud in the chiropractor’s office as I casually checked my email on my phone. This is THE email I had been waiting for.  And it’s not like I check my email every 5 minutes round the clock every waking hour of the day!!!   Then I realized it was an email just to tell me that they are reviewing our file. Now I wonder if they are reviewing it tomorrow or next week? I wonder which.

So, next Monday I’ll get to Haiti and get to love on my babies. Will you please join me in praying that sometime this week or next we’ll get a Visa for our sweet baby girl. I would love to bring her home.




9 responses to “Did I mention I’m going to Haiti next week?

  1. My prayers will be with you. My cousin has a darling daughter in Romania that she will probably never be able to bring home. It kills her. She has one daughter from there and a son from China, but she has held and loved this ‘lost’ child and been told that the adoption will never be allowed because Americans only want slaves. They should see her with her children….slaves they are not! Good Luck and God bless.

  2. I’ll be praying for Story’s visa and for your trip.

  3. watchingthewaters


    I pray that next week is a Homecoming Story, love.


  4. I’m so happy. for you. And your children – they will LOVE seeing you, and I pray that each moment is a blessing from above. May God expedite all paperwork, and bring those babies HOME where they belong! ( I really don’t think any of us would do well with a two year pregnancy!) You are such a fighter, Jamie! don’t give up!!! much love.

  5. yes…. praying praying…. bring that baby girl HOME!!!!!!

  6. I will be praying for you Jamie.

  7. Praying Jamie!! So how long will you be there?

  8. If you would like to take some new outfits to RHFH,email me and I will find a way to get them to you. If you don’t have space, I will give them to Ange to take next time she goes.
    (We met at Dell Children’s Hospital when Sarah was there with Bear.)


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