dreaming good thoughts.

I had a dream last night that we were done with the USCIS part and heading over to the adoption until of the Consulate.  It was a fun dream b/c everyone was jumping up and down and congratulating us.  The people working in the office were yelling at us and it was a fun time.

Last night I talked to our lady again and she reassures me it should be soon.  She also told me that I could email the USCIS to make sure they had my right email address.  When I filed my I600 last Sept I had a different email, so this had started to concern me.  What if our approval email was just floating in cyber space somewhere.

So I emailed them and gave them my new email address and told them we were anxiously awaiting our approval and thank you for doing a good job!!

Yes I did.

So …. today is Friday.  Last work day of the week.  I hear they only work 1/2 day today too.  So, if by lunch I haven’t heard anything, I’ll let it go.  Be okay.  Be happy.  Look forward to Monday!


5 responses to “dreaming good thoughts.

  1. What an exciting dream! We pray that you get that email soon!

  2. Have you tried calling USCIS?

    • Can i call them? I dont’ want to make anyone mad and they’ve only had the final paper since Tuesday, so maybe i should give them a week at least?

      • I called them repeatedly the last couple weeks before J came home. Not so much to make them upset but just to find out what was going on. They really were sweet to me. I can’t remember who I talked to but you need to call after 1pm. 011-509-2229-8000.

  3. praying you get that notice ASAP. so your beauty can come h-o-m-e.

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