Zach from Real Hope for Haiti in Austin THIS WEEKEND

If you read my blog often enough you have heard me talk about REAL HOPE FOR HAITI many times before. They are an organization in Cazale, Haiti that does amazing things every day for the people in their village and many villages around them. They have a clinic that operates about four days a week (really they are always doing something there!!!)  seeing hundreds of patients a day, some that have walked through the night to get there. They also have a rescue center that operates to literally save kids lives. They take in kids and get them well, then send them home with their parents. They educate parents and pray that they never see those kids again.

This weekend Zach from RHFH will be in Austin! We are so excited about his journey here and about the impact that his story might have on our lives. We love these people and all they do and I know many of you too have fallen in love with what RHFH does as well.

We want to invite you out to hear him speak, love on him, and just encourage him in all that he does. He’ll be at our house on Sat from 5-8 for a come and go visit time, and then speaking at our church, The Austin Stone Community Church on Sunday morning in between the two AM services at 10:30.

Please find a way to come to one of these. You will be blessed! Email me for any other questions or to RSVP to the Sat night thing at my house!

Read more about Zach’s visit HERE.



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