so close

I feel like we’re getting close with Story.  Closer than we’ve ever been before.  I do know that the paper they’ve been requesting was turned in TODAY.  That is great news!  The next thing that will happen is I should get an email from them (USCIS) telling me we’re APPROVED.  oh my goodness you will know when that happens!!!

Then they’ll send our papers to the Consulate and they’ll give us a Visa appt.  I talked to our lady last night and she said lately they’ve been assigning them within a few days.  SO … see we’re closer than ever.  Our lady said she’s heading back up there tomorrow so she’ll see why our I600 hasn’t been approved.  Hopefully they don’t need anything else.

I am overjoyed with the news of how close we are, BUT always in the back of my mind is my sweet boy Amos.  Always.  Our happiness when Story comes home will be laced with sadness that our boy is not ready yet.  Please pray for him and his heart.  If Story comes home before him he will have a hard time, and this morning I begged God to protect his heart and mind during that time.  I prayed for discernment for the adults in his life. To speak love over him and for God to show them exactly how to handle the situation.

So … we’re getting close.


*Taken one year ago (9/30/08) while visiting kids.  We were still in IBESR.

11 responses to “so close

  1. I can’t wait to hear Story is coming home! I am praying for your sweet boys heart and that his homecoming will not be far behind.

  2. I think of and pray for you and the kids often. Can’t wait until they’re both home!

  3. Wow! SOOO close! I’ll be praying for your precious Amos.

  4. you guys came to my mind last night…wanted you to know i am praying for them both to be home soon.
    thank you for sharing your journey with all of us!

  5. Why is it taking longer with Amos?

    • Amos’ papers are still in another department. Their files went in together at MOI, but from what I understand if they are not bilogically related they don’t have to keep them together. So, he’s still there and Story is out.

  6. praying for all of you!! can’t wait until all 4 of your kids are living under the same roof!!

  7. delurking to say I’m glad to hear the news. praying for Story and Amos and your family.

  8. That’s great news! I’m sorry that Amos probably won’t be coming home at the same time.

  9. Jamie- great news! When the embassy had received our final documents, it took 1 month for the files to be reviewed, and visa to be issued. We were also told they were backlogged at that time. It sounds like files are moving through faster at the moment, and we will pray that holds true for Story. Amos will also be in our prayers. I’m so sorry their files weren’t kept together.

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