Mommy Moments

When I drive the kids to school or pick them I try my hardest to engage them in conversation.  Especially with Cayden since he’s about to be away from me for the next 7 hours.  🙂  This morning was no different.  I was talking to him about being nice to all his friends, even the one that squirted juice all over him yesterday in lunch, and I was talking to him about why we obey our teachers.  He asked me if I had anyone that I had to obey, so that was a good conversation.

Then out of nowhere he asked me if Satan was still alive and where he was.  I always direct these questions to the dad, but since he was no where in sight I did my best to answer.  I probably screwed up his theology forever, but it’s what happened next that was so cool.

After I screwed up the answer on where Satan is, I told him the good news about Satan.  That he can’t hurt God’s children.  That God is BIGGER and STRONGER and SMARTER than Satan.  I told him that God is in charge and Satan has no power over God.

He took it in and just listened.  Then we talked about loving God.  He was blown away by the fact that there are people that don’t love God.  That just didn’t make sense to him.  I love kids!  I told him that there was a time in my life that I didn’t love God like I do now.  I told him that before I loved God like I do now that I wanted to do things my way and I didn’t TRUST God to take care of me.  I told him that I didn’t love God and want to do good things for HIM.

He listened very intently.  I told him that God has BIG PLANS for his life.  He told me that God had big plans for his life when he got to Heaven.  I told him that way before he gets to heaven that he’ll do BIG THINGS FOR GOD here on earth.  We talked about how God has plans for him at his school, in his church, on his football team and in our home.

He asked how he would hear God’s plans.  I told him that he would need to pray and ask.  We then talked again about how you can’t hear God with your ears but you hear him in your heart.  Cayden then asked if God could possibly speak up louder so his heart could hear him better.

I love moments like these.  I feel like seeds are being thrown all inside my car on our little 10 min drive to school today.  This is was parenting is about.  Each day our kids get older and we loose that day with them.  I am striving to take hold of each day and make it count.  There are many days that I let slide and don’t take hold of moments like I want to.  I’m trying to make those days less often!


7 responses to “Mommy Moments

  1. I LOVE moments like that! It’s always so cool to get the litle glimpses of how God is working on our kids.

  2. That is awesome, and so very encouraging. I don’t yet have kids, but very often I think about days like this. I get scared that I won’t know how to start the conversation or answer the questions. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This gives me hope that maybe I won’t be so shy about teaching my children about God. (I’m so shy that I have a really hard time praying out loud even in front of my husband.)

  4. You are a great mom! I’m totally inspired to deepen the conversations I have with my kids…


  5. beautiful!

  6. That’s a pretty amazing conversation to have in ten! Way to seize the moment…what a great mama!

  7. Jamie…the part that catches my breath the most is your honesty with him about you being lost and not loving God at one point. I have never thought about explaining it to Emily that way and she is full of questions these days. Derek and I have worked with youth (high-schoolers) for over 10 years now and the one thing that I would say our kids want to hear the most from us is the truth! It is such an awesome thing that what came to your mind was just telling Cayden the truth! D and I pray that all the time that more than anything we will always be open and honest with them about where we’ve been and how God has changed us and that we will never hesitate to tell them we are sorry!

    Awesome conversation with your sweet boy…I can’t wait til all your babies are under one roof and we get to hear those conversations!:) Continuing to pray hard!

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