Friday’s nonsense.

It’s Friday morning and I’m the only one awake in the house!  I already took Cayden to school and I wore the same clothes I wore all day yesterday, didn’t put my contacts in and barely combed my hair that hasn’t been washed since Tuesday at my hair appt.  Fun times around here!  I need to get my act together today and I just  might shower!

I’m going to do a bullet post for today b/c that’s how I roll ……

  • I got an email from our adoption facilitator that she is turning in another paper for Story’s file today that has been requested.  Will you pray with me that this is the last paper they request and that from here on out her file will be reviewed, accepted and a visa appt given out!


  • we’ve been doing THE MASTER CLEANSE since Wed at 11 AM.  So i’ve almost gone 2 full days without eating anything.  the first 8 hours were THE WORST for me.  Since then, honestly not that bad.  We are not doing this to loose weight, but yet to cleanse our bodies of toxins that are in them.  i’m thinking i could do this again in a few months and want to go 5-7 days.
  • I miss eating.
  • I love eating.
  • I miss food.
  • I love food.
  • yeap those last four bullet points sum up what is hard about this for me!
  • i’m realizing that people all over the world only get one meal a day, or one meal every 2 days.
  • last night we did the salt water flush.  yeah – interesting.  I’ll leave it at that.  getting those toxins out!


  • Doesn’t he look cute on the sidelines watching his team!  Tomorrow is Cayden’s first football game!  Rock on!  I hear some of the team mates won’t be there so it looks as though he’ll get lots of playing time!!!  Go Tigers!
  • we made a family budget yesterday.  yeap things are getting cut.
  • we’re thinking of ending our fast tomorrow for dinner.  um … what should i eat first?
  • tara is running 20 miles today!   go cheer her on by leaving her a comment on her blog. go now


  • the boys had a ‘BOYS ONLY’ day last weekend and they watched Star Wars.  Total boy thing to do!  i think they’re moving on to the next movie this weekend.  Cayden’s been asking for a while to watch Star Wars since all his friends have seen it.  Of course we agreed that if all your friends are doing something we must do that too!!!

Hope your weekend is fabulous! Ours will be!

2 responses to “Friday’s nonsense.

  1. fridays are perfect for nonsense….

  2. * 🙂

    *Still thinking the whole master cleanse thing is nuts – but good luck!

    *Praying this is the LAST paper for Story – i suppose any news is good though, in the sense that at least you know SOMETHING is going on. I so hope it is soon, soon, SOON!

    *we will be experiencing our first weekend of double soccer games tomorrow and for the next 8 weeks. one for our kindergartner and one for our 4th grader – not necessarily back to back, of course!

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