The Master Cleanse

A few months ago Aaron and I decided to try the Master Cleanse (AKA The Lemonade Diet) out. My parents do this often and it is supposed to detox your body and cleanse you! Although we eat fairly healthy (don’t count my 3 trips to Chuy’s last week) we still need to clean our bodies and start fresh!

Today we started at 11 am. I wish I would have had Chuy’s for breakfast, but oh well! We are hoping to make it to Sunday at 11 am. That will only be four days, but honestly I’m skeptical I can even go that long. Aaron has great will power and determination. I already licked Deacon’s spoon today after lunch. You see, I’m going to struggle with this!

Facts about the Master Cleanse

Directions to the Master Cleanse

Day one

So, if you find me to be grouchy or grumpy or tired or loopy it’s because I’m not eating! I wish I would have weighed myself this morning to see if I loose any weight. That’s not why we’re doing it, but I heard Beyonce lost 20 lbs on this diet!

I am supposed to drink at least 60 oz a day. So far I have 16 down! I just imagine it’s a bloody mary and it goes down better!

Photo 13


7 responses to “The Master Cleanse

  1. We took 3 trips to Chuy’s last week too (from Monday to Monday)!! We definitely need to do the master cleanse… but probably not a good idea while pregnant, huh? Guess I’ll just hang on to all the toxins.

    • leah glad to hear i’m not the only one that eats that much Chuy’s in a week! i love the new sauce they have for the green chile festival. i could seriously drink it. aaron hates it, so that means i get it all! oh how i would love some of that sauce right now!

  2. watchingthewaters

    What do you do about exercise while you’re doing the cleanse? Skip it, or keep doing it? I’d be worried about making myself pass out.

    • i’m for sure skipping it. i would pass out. nobody needs to see that.
      i figure i’m not training for a race right now, so i can give up 5 days (if i make it that long)
      i might be hating this decision next week when i get back on the road again.

  3. Wow! You guys are awesome! I don’t think that Kenny and I could ever make it the whole way through….maybe a half a day 🙂

    Jamie, they have these massage beds in Asheville called Migun beds. You can check it out at They are supposed to help your back and remove toxins from your body. Get this: it’s FREE for 60 days and then a session after that is only $2.00! (It’s like a store w/ a bunch of beds in it) I just heard about this recently since my back got jacked up, and I’m cutting off my arm to pay for a chiropractor. I’m going to try it out. People swear by it. I thought of you and all of the stuff you’ve had w/your back. Not sure if they have it in Austin, but if they do, you should check it out!

  4. I have a much healthier and easier cleanse solution. It is not a fast, even on cleanse days. You never cleanse more than 48 hours and can do just 24. You can exercise all you want, I just don’t lift weights on cleanse days since I feel I need protein right away for rebuilding muscle. You drink protein shakes (that actually taste good!) and eat real food too, 5-6 days a week. And you can lose major amounts of fat, not muscle. Contact me if you want more info!

  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve done the cleanse, but you’ve inspired me to at least *think* about doing it again. The first day was grueling, but after that, it wasn’t so bad and I did feel fabulous afterwards! ;o) Hope it goes well!

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