Compassion kids need sponsors in Haiti

I have four Compassion packets that I would love for someone to sponsor.  They are all in Haiti and all at the same project that Wonsli and Jean (our Compassion child and Philip & Kim’s) are at.

This means that if you ever go to Haiti with us and we go to see our child you can go and see yours too!!!!  Our Compassion kids might even be BFF!

So here’s the kids that we would love to get sponsors for:

Lawrence who is 8

Ollanda who is 9

Christelle who is 8

Wilton who is 9


2 responses to “Compassion kids need sponsors in Haiti

  1. Hi Jamie–we’ve only met once but I’ve had yours and Aaron’s blogs on my google reader for a little while. Now that I actually have a job (or will in 14 days), I really want to start sponsoring a Compassion Kid.

    I’d love to sponsor any one of the kids above. I’m currently in N. Africa and won’t be back at the Stone until the 20th–let me know if that is a problem. Otherwise, I can meet you during one of the night services to get any info you have. (I work KidStuff so I’m there both services).

    Thanks, Lisa S.

  2. How do you sponsor—is there a website?

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