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Last week was a hard week.  Aaron was in Haiti with our kids and I was here.  Not fun for me!  Aaron had to leave them both again and it was hard on Aaron and even harder on Amos.  We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our kids so many times during this process.  We are seeing the fruits of that because Amos is truly in love with his Papa and knows who his Momma and brothers and sister is.

While i was doing laundry from Aaron’s trip I found something very special in the washer that made my heart leap for joy and a huge smile come over me.  I found a red and blue star clip at the bottom of the washer.  These were in Story’s hair when Aaron was with her and they must have fallen out and gotten stuck somewhere in Aaron’s clothes.  Now we have them.  A small piece of her is here.  I have put these in her room where I can go in and look and remember that she got to spend a great day with her Papa!

Aaron is posting about his trip now, so go check it out!

Aaron’s blog

Post on Day #2


3 responses to “Aaron’s blogging

  1. I just left your hubby a huge, long message on his blog about Wings of Hope. He might be thinking, “who is this person???” 🙂 Let him know it is me… I want to visit there the next time we are in Haiti!!! I might not emotionally be able to do it though…

  2. I have a horrible sinus infection and I don’t know about you but I get so emotional when I’m sick. This is so sweet. Just to have something that was actually touching her. It was a little gift to you! Of course it made me cry thinking someday it will be me.

    Oh by the way I wanted to tell you thank you for introducing us the Unit blog.I I have been going through the archives and it has been very helpful for me to know what to expect when Hope and Faith come home.

    God Bless, we are praying for Story and Amos!!! Kristy

  3. Awww. I know just how you feel. After I spent the month of January in Haiti with our son (whom I’m happy to say is finally home!) and doing laundry together I pulled one of my summer shirts out in May and found one of his hairs in it. It’s special to have that little connection. And praise God, they do come home.

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