adopting a toddler

As I think about my kids coming home (eventually, right??!!) I often wonder what things will be like around here.  Will Story and Amos adjust well to our family?  Will they bond to us?  Will they know we are their mommy and daddy?

There are so many obstacles and uphill battles with adopting older children.  We are not naive to think that Amos & Story will come home and act as though they’ve been here forever.  We know we will have struggles.  We are not sure what they will be or how long they’ll be here, but we know they’ll be here.

I found a blog today called THE UNIT and they have twin boys that have been home about a year from Haiti. I’ve never seen her blog until today but I will be sure and go back to her archives and soak up as much as I can from those first few days, weeks and months that here boys were home.

She recently wrote about her struggles with her boys truly adjusting to the family.  Until you have been through an adoption you don’t get it.  I only get a little bit of it b/c our kids aren’t home yet.  Many people that have never adopted older children will think that you just love kids and they come around.  I’m learning, that it doesn’t always happen that way.

If you love us, please go and read THIS POST on her blog.  It will explain some of the uphill battles that we’ll have in front of us.  Thanks.

2 responses to “adopting a toddler

  1. This is definitely a concern of mine as our kids grow up without us. Gonna go read that!

  2. Jamie- you might also check Yahoo groups. The parents who have adopted from COTP (where Daniela is) has a Yahoo group where families discuss emotional problems, language issues, hair care, etc. There are likely other parents who have adopted from the same place you are, who would love to share info.

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