Aaron made it!

They made it!

All week long Aaron and Amos get to hang with lots of cool people in Haiti! I’m so stinking jealous!

Tara wrote about their arrival. I hope that we see more of them during the week

I got a few text from Aaron tonight telling me about his time with Amos.  I want to share them with you b/c they show how sweet our sweet baby boy is.

text #1 – he crawled up on me and was asleep in 1 minute

text #2 – he already went through the whole bag and smiled when i told him who each is from (talking about gifts we sent down there for him)

text #3 – he’s slim in face – much taller

text #4 – sweet and chilled out.  plays independently and absolutely will not stop hugging and hanging all over me.

WOW!  I can’t express to you how happy and sad this makes me all in one.  i am so extremely happy that amos is with his Papa.  I can’t tell you how much that boy loves his daddy and i’m so glad he gets to be with him.  But in the same breath I’m so sad.  Sad that I’m not there.  Sad that I don’t get to see how much taller he is.  Sad that I don’t get to see him go through the gifts we sent.  Sad that I don’t get the hugs Aaron is getting.  Sad that he is there and I am here.

This week will for sure be hard for me.  Not only am I desperately waiting for adoption news, but I am missing time with Amos . I haven’t seen my kids since March and that is the LONGEST I’ve gone without seeing them.

I just went through my blog and found several posts of past visits with the kids.

leaving the kids

I’m a Sappy Mess

Remembering us together

My emotions

5th time to visit kids

meeting him

Wed morning

I sure had fun reading those and you know I’ve been sitting here crying my eyes out.  Please pray for our papers this week.  Pray for Amos to get OUT of MOI.  Pray for Story to get a Visa appt.  Pray for supernatural bonding between Aaron and AMos & Story.  Pray for my momma’s heart as I grieve the fact that I’m not there loving on my babies.  It is hard to not be the one there.

Now I should surely go off to bed so I don’t cause my son another visit to the office for being tardy.  Yeap, I did that today.


3 responses to “Aaron made it!

  1. Reading about Amos and Aaron makes ME want to cry!! It is wonderful and amazing that he is so bonded to his Papa but so heartbreaking that he is not home yet. Sending you a big cyber hug this morning!

  2. So does Amos speak English then? That’s so awesome if he does. I’m not sure when we get to go visit Kemly again but I’m hesitant about how much he should be aware of the adoption. Obviously you guys think thats the way to go but do you have any suggestions on that? I know the next time I go it will be really hard not to focus all of my love and attention on him (He’s in an O with 35 other kids), but should I be cautious? I don’t want it to be traumatizing for him. He’s only 3….

  3. Oh, I can’t tell you how sad this makes me. I know what your feeling my husband went down with my daughter in Jan. I had to stay home with my other children. It is so unbelievable hard. I am pleading with the Lord for you!!! Amos needs to come home!!!


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