papers, papers, papers

Word out on the street is that the C onsulate has requested another paper on our baby girl and that paper will be delivered to them tomorrow (Monday).

Please join me in praying that the will not need anymore papers.  That this will satisfy them.  That they will approve our I600 and assign us a Visa appt.



5 responses to “papers, papers, papers

  1. praying this is it… and you will booking flights to Haiti in less than 2 weeks!

  2. Oh! Jamie, she just glows with joy!!! I am praying it for you, my dear friend!!! May she be home so soon! ( and Amos – of course, praying him home too!)

  3. Jamie, All of the sudden I started seeing a lot more activity on my relatively dormant blog, and could see that they were all coming from your blog. Thanks for the kind words!. I understand what you mean. When someone else’ child comes home that means that things are moving forward. Good news for everyone.

    We are praying that Story’s Visa will be issued tomorrow. Maybe we’ll be in Haiti at the same time. I can’t go until after a Compassion event in Kansas City. We are Leaving Seattle on Sept. 8.

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