First day of school

Today was the big day we’ve been talking about for weeks now.  The first day of KINDERGARTEN.  I can’t believe that I have a kid that is in school.  I thought I was young.  What now?  I’m in my 30’s and have a kindergartner.  UGH life is moving too fast!

Cayden was super pumped about school today.  He got up to find his new shirt and shorts to wear along with his backpack filled with supplies from the “back pack fairy”.  He also got a new bracelet from mommy and daddy so that he can remember us at school.  (I got the idea from my friend Courtney.)


We walked him to school and he did great.  It was kinda madness in the kinder area b/c lots of moms were hanging around … um including me!  He did fabulous.  I kissed him goodbye only 4 times and told him I loved him and was proud of him about 39 times.  🙂




7 responses to “First day of school

  1. ahh! He’s so handsome!

  2. GO CAYDEN!!!

    He rocks those specs! Tell him I’m proud and I love him too! How’d you do James…did you cry?

  3. making memories…every day…all day…

  4. oh jamie, these pics are precious!!! i hope he has had a stellar first day…what a big boy!

  5. School Days are days to remember, joy , fun ,and excitement. My first day was just like him excitement my face was glowing and blushing with happiness.

  6. He looks so happy 🙂 Cute cute pics!

  7. he is such a cutie!

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