a hat for Amos.

This picture is super cute of my boys and their new hats.  I pulled these out of storage and gave them to them a few weeks ago.  The thing that I notice is the one Deacon is holding in his hand.  That’s for  Amos.  I bought these last year on clearance and they were for all three of them at the beginning of summer.  I held off giving them to the boys because it wasn’t fair that Amos wasn’t here to get his.

Finally I gave in and gave the boys their hats.  I made sure they knew that we were holding the special one for Amos and when he comes home we can give it to him!

It’s things like this that make this whole thing long and draining.  I just want Amos here with his brothers.  Right now they are both running around the house acting crazy and wearing Bat Man capes.  Amos needs to do that too.

I miss Amos & Story.  I’m hoping for good news in the next few weeks on both of them!


One response to “a hat for Amos.

  1. I think it’s kind of cool that they will already have those when he gets home. When they give him his, it will be a way of telling him that he’s one of them now. We love you guys and are praying for you. Thanks for letting us share your journey!

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