Turkey Trip Shirts

You all know I love shirts for fundraisers.  We’ve done this several times and i LOVE buying shirts that support something.

Our friends Andy & Anna are headed to Turkey soon with some of their best friends.  They are raising money for their trip and have these great shirts to sell.  I love them.  I just ordered one for me and one for Aaron!  Since we wear the same size we can share!!!  Yes we wear the same shirt size.  Sick isn’t it.  I hate it b/c that means I am the same size as my husband, but love it when it benefits me and we can share clothes.  Man that sounds weird, sharing clothes with your husband.

Anyhow …. enough ranting …. go and buy a shirt! In fact buy one for your brother for Christmas or your nephew for graduation or your grandma for grandparent’s day or better yet for your husband for “i love my husband day” … not sure when that is, but that should be a holiday!

Click HERE to order!



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