Haiti Trip Needs

Aaron’s heading to Haiti in four weeks from today.  I’m so excited and so jealous at the same time!  I haven’t been since March and it’s killing me.  I need to see my babies so badly.  I think I’m about to start planning a trip for me to go and visit!  This momma is missing her babies!

You all know that when we go to Haiti we like to take things to the ministries that we’ll be visiting while we are there.  It is fun for us and a small blessing for them.  I mean you get two checked bags, and who needs to fill all that stuff with clothes for themselves?  We like to fill it with stuff for them.

We can not ever begin to thank all of you faithful readers that are constantly blessing us with stuff to take on our trips.  Seriously each trip we always have too much stuff!  We love it!  I love that there’s a bin in my garage that is specifically for stuff for Haiti.  I have a box in my office that is specifically for Haiti.  That excites me!

So if you have donated before and want to again we would love it.  If you have never donated we would for sure love it!  I’m going to give you a big long lists of things we an use and you can print that out and add it to your grocery list each time you go.  If you spent $10 extra dollars each week during your regular grocery trip you could get us some good stuff!

If any of you CVS value shoppers have extra stuff that you are stock piling you can share the love with the missionaries!  I know you girls always have random stuff and usually in large quantities!!  You smart shoppers!

Or if you would like to mail us a gift card for Target or Wal Mart we would use it to buy stuff that we hadn’t yet received as the trip got closer.  We love those.  Makes it easy and saves on shipping!

Thank you big time for all you are going to do!

Here are the needs for all the places we’re visiting all thrown in together:

  • Ink HP 21, 22
  • boys shirts
  • boys shorts – don’t send me your worn out clothes w/ holes and stains – that’s just not nice!
  • spray bottles (for cleaner)
  • all in one copier/printer/scanner
  • multivitamins
  • disposable razors
  • index cards
  • hanging file folder frames
  • anti-fungal cream
  • blood pressure cuffs
  • large safety pins
  • plastic pants to cover cloth diapers
  • bowls with lids (baby bowls)
  • backpacks for the school sponsorship program
  • diapers
  • pull ups
  • granola bars
  • wind up flash lights
  • quilting thread of all colors
  • formula
  • peanut butter
  • yeast infection treatments
  • underwear (youth m, l & adult s, m, l)
  • action movies for older kids (nothing R) DVD or VCR
  • cough syrup
  • soap (moisturizing like Dove)
  • 1 or 2 gallon zip lock bags
  • CD’s
  • socks
  • large bibs
  • toothpaste & toothbrushes
  • shampoo
  • lotion, baby oil, powder
  • hydrocortizone cream
  • vaseline
  • baby wipes
  • latex gloves
  • wash cloths
  • computer ink Epson T026 (black) & Epson T027 (color)
  • HP56 & HP 57
  • computer paper
  • US first class stamps
  • dolls
  • twin sheets & pillowcases
  • clothes pins
  • soccer balls, footballs, playground balls
  • ball pump and needles
  • batteries AA & C
  • tape & duct tape

WOW that is a long list.  I know it’s long, but we can do it.  We try to have at least one of each thing in our suitcases and for sure try to get the most important things first.  We’ll take medicine down before we’ll take clothes down.  Make sense?

So there you go.  Print out the list.  Take it with you when you shop.  Put back the People magazine you picked up at the check out line and get some peanut butter and multivitamins for Haiti instead!

3 responses to “Haiti Trip Needs

  1. I have one thing to add! Licia’s boys just started reading Tom Sawyer and I was telling them that there is a movie and they got super excited so if anyone comes across the video (I think it was made late 90’s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in it) on DVD you could bring that for them! Or any other boy adventure books, they are so into this one!

  2. going to put out to my neighborhood…lots of CVS shoppers here. i have some things as well…will bring to you on Sunday.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    We are leaving for Haiti in about two hours. 🙂 I have some things here that were donated but not needed for our trip. Can you email me your address and when we get home on the 18th I will send them out to you. My email addy is: cvwell @ sbcglobal.net (remove spaces). Thanks!

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