update on adoption process

I actually talked to the lady on the phone today that’s doing our adoptions. I usually email b/c we don’t have a phone that will do international calls, but she’s in the States now so I took the opportunity to call her up and hear from her what’s going on.

Here’s the update: nothing is new.

The funny thing is that nothing has changed since last time I heard from her, but it is sometimes just reassuring to hear any update. Even if it’s nothing. I know that doesn’t make sense, but sometimes silence is harder than hearing nothing is new.

Weird. Adoption news is weird. Sometimes just hearing nothing is better than not hearing.

Anyhow same thing is going on. We’re waiting on Amos’ papers to be archived. You see it’s way too long to explain on here, but the way that H aiti does birth/death certificates is so 1885 it’s not even funny. Goods news is that I know of a family that has been waiting on this same thing in M OI and they just got theirs recently, so maybe ours will be next. 🙂

On to Story. They requested more papers so our lady is working on them as we speak. She’ll be back in country Monday to turn them in. Then if they are happy they’ll send her file over to the C onsulate (I think that’s what’s next) and then we’ll be given a Visa appt date (if they like all that they see!) and then when that date arrives we’ll get the Visa and she’ll be ready to go home.

Our lady sounded good. She said we’re moving. She said things are progressing. She also said that they are moving papers in the department Story’s in, so hopefully progress will be good for us.

Specific things to pray for:

1. Amos’ certificates to get archived soon. We need this to move out of M OI. We will not move until this is done and done correctly.

2. Story to continue to move through the US CIS stuff. Pray that the papers are approved and that her physcial goes well and that we receive a Visa appt during August.

3. Pray for strength and safety for our adoption coordinator and her assistant who work diligently day and night on this stuff.

4. Pray for favor over our papers.

5. Pray for our kids to know our love.

6. Pray for Amos to know that WE WILL COME AND GET HIM AND BRING HIM HOME.

7. Pray for bonding with Story.

Aaron’s heading to Haiti at the end of this month. How cool would it be if he could bring one of our kids home. Oh my goodness. Trying not to get my hopes up, but that would be nice!

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4 responses to “update on adoption process

  1. oh…it’s NOT weird. I TOTALLY understand. I know that if they have info, they’ll email but sometimes..I still email to ask. LIke today for instance…they were supposed to call/email me after Harrisons doctor appointment earlier this week and didnt so it being Friday I emailed to see if they had news…NONE… It doesn’t help that our normal contact is in Taiwan and we are familiar with her and her with us. The one we’re having to do email and phone contact with in the meantime just doesn’t have a connection with us so doesnt seem very warm and fuzzy to me. I need warm and fuzzy when I can’t BE warm and fuzzy for OUR baby!! anyway…that to got me on my soap box! Oh, and we’re still ready to make a bow holder…did we decide we needed to see her bedding?? I can’t remember!

    I hope a miracle happens and your babies can come home with Aaron AT the SAME time!! I’ll be praying! :o)

  2. WOW….lots of grammatical errors…woopsy

  3. I’m so glad you had a chance to talk. You are right, silence is the worst! Praying your miracle will come soon.

  4. If you haven’t checked into Skype, you should. You can add $ credit to it and make international calls pretty inexpensively. Ex: I can call the States via Skype (on my computer) for 2 cents a minute. I think J Shaw just got it, so if you guys have any questions, you can ask him 🙂

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