new back pack or old back pack?

Tell me how silly this is.  I’m struggling with wanting to get Cayden a new back pack for school.  One that is new and cute and maybe even with his name monogrammed on it.  I would probably even throw in a matching lunch box with his name monogrammed on that as well.

Why is this a struggle you might ask.

Well because he DOESN’T NEED a new back pack.  He has one that he got last year that works fine.  It is super cool and even camo.

But it isn’t new.

But it doesn’t have his name on it.

These are my selfish thoughts I’ve been struggling with all week long.

Then I get the latest Pottery Barn Kids magazine and all the back packs are so cute.  They even have free shipping.

Literally I have thought about this dang back pack more this week than I have thought about the word of God.  What the heck is wrong with me?

I think I’m already having to fight the temptation to make sure my kids look the best and have the best and newest stuff.

I will not bow down to that god of “STUFF” with my kids.  I refuse to do it.  Not this momma.  Not with a five year old.  No sir.

That is why my biggest battle and temptation this week has been over back packs.  Wow that makes me sound like a looser!



14 responses to “new back pack or old back pack?

  1. I don’t think you are a loser. I actually am having this debate in my head right now too! I don’t think I would get the name on the pack though, for safety reasons. My plan for now is to wait until school starts and see if the backpack we have is sufficient enough to carry all of L’s middle school books. This will also give him a chance to see what everyone else is using and if the rolling type pack would work better. They don’t have lockers in his new school. I am trying hard not to buy a whole new wardrobe and get more in debt! Grandma offered a shopping trip and consignment/thrift store shopping is on the agenda for this mama.

  2. nancymattingly

    you are definitely NOT a loser! You are a great mom, who wants the best for all her children!!! My suggestion? Don’t monogram anything – then there is no hand me downs! Get him a keychain, or luggage tag like thingy that has his name on it, put it on the great still good pack, and you’re good to go. 🙂

    Also agree with the resale/thrift store suggestion – I know you love these places as much as I do!
    love you.

  3. It sounds from your post like you know what to do…. he doesn’t need a new backpack! So many better places that money could go, as I am sure you know!

  4. putting a name on a back pack…gives dangerous strangers an advantage……..just a thought……wait until he is older and actually has books to carry…that way $ saved now can get him a better one later……..


  5. Maybe get him a new one and let him fill the old one with things for Amos and send it when Aaron goes to Haiti

  6. Ok. . . maybe Cayden doesn’t NEED a new backpack. . . .but I’m the sentimental type. We homeschool so things are different, but for our boys’ first day of school we had a big “special” day (they didn’t get a backpack or lunch bag, but other first day special stuff). It’s a big day for the little guys! If buying a backpack is for mama, avoid the temptation of pride, but if it’s for Cayden – he should be allowed to feel special on this big day! I still have a picture my parents took on my first day of kindergarten in front of school wearing a pretty dress with a new bag and a HUGE smile b/c I knew I was special that day! As far as monogramming, I’m too paranoid and agree with everyone else – don’t do it!

  7. if in question, i would pick up a cute but cheap one somewhere like target as a backup.. or use it and keep old one as backup. because, if in say february or march or so, the current one gets a hole or something… you will pay about 3 times as much to get one “out of season” so to speak.

  8. Welcome to my life! LOL Do you want to read A LOT of opinions on this subject? Here is my post from last year… . Majority said: No new backpacks. But read their reasons, there were some great ones. So my kids “suffered” with the same backpacks last year which were still in great shape. (And they survived.) This year they got new ones. Anyway, if you so choose, enjoy the reading! LOL

  9. You crack me up and I just love your honesty! You don’t sound like a loser. I’m amazed that his backpack is still in good enough shape to be used again. When my son was little his backpacks were always thrashed by the end of the school year. Good luck on your decision.

  10. I am a school/office supply JUNKIE!! I always want the coolest supplies for the kids (me, too!). Something about back-to-school – new backpacks, shoes, pencil boxes (even if last year’s box is in fine shape)…

    I’m impressed the backpack has held up that well! I used duct tape on the inside of my kindergarten son’s backpack for the last month of school in May.

    Don’t forget…at some point you’ll be purchasing backpacks for 4 children…if Cayden’s good with keeping last year’s then go with it!! 🙂 Although, the idea of sending it with stuff to Amos is adorable!!

    Ditto on nixing the embroidery – too many crazy people out there!

  11. Having the same debate as well. I’ve pretty much decided he doesnt really need a new backpack as the one he picked last year is working fine… it’s a little frayed around the edges so this may be it’s final year but it’ll do for now.

    And I agree with Keri. I don’t know if I would put a name on the back pack. It’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but for his safety I think either leave that off or just do initials possibly just the first initial. This world we live in is just far to scary these days. . .

  12. Hammond Haven

    Funny, I do the same thing every year too! We do end up getting a cheap new backpack most years, because they just don’t last through the beatings of elementary school kids. This year we are going to get ours at L L Bean. We are actually gonna stop by their outlet on the way to vacation and hope to get a good deal. They have a lifetime guarantee! They are only a little more expensive than department store ones so I feel like it is a wise purchase that will last forever. Will the kids like the same style they choose this year when they are in high school? Who knows but I think it’s gonna be a smart investment that will help us win the battle of the backpack every fall!

  13. OK I just had to write you because honest-to-pete… Reading your last few posts are like looking in the mirror.

    I am an adoptive mom to a five year old going to Kindergarten. Besides the whole “I am going to miss him, I don’t want my baby to go” stuff, we are also petrified of this schedule. My little guy doesn’t normally wake until 8:30 or 9, and I don’t know how we’re going to do it. To further complicate things, we’re building a house and until we’re in it, the bus won’t come and get him, so I’m going to have to drive him to school that is 35 minutes away. His school begins at 7:50, so we’ll have to leave by 7:10 to be there on time. I do. not. know. how. we. will. ever. make. it. He will be so tired still!

    Also having the backpack debate. His is perfectly fine. Reading “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” right now and it has given me a conviction about creating materialistic kids. Also having the whole adoption explanation issue in our house right this very week. He must have the truth, but it’s so hard to look in those sweet naive trusting eyes, and start introducing the reality of his history. Makes me want to cry.

    Thanks for blogging. That’s the best part of the blog world, finding others dealing with the same issues you’re dealing with.

  14. Nope. Not a loser. I have been struggling with the same thing. My kids backpacks from last year are in great shape, but they are not NEW. New is nice. But new is not necessary. We will not be buying backpacks, but yet the temptation is there. That rotten “gotta-have-stuff” monster will get ya every time if you are not careful.

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