TOO early for school.

School is approaching quickly.  In fact four weeks from today we will be sending our first child to school.  Oh my goodness.  I seriously will cry.  It will be a day full of nerves for me.  I will worry.  I will stand at the door and try to watch.  The teacher will have to tell me to leave.  Is the first day of school too soon to have lunch with Cayden?  😉  Maybe I can have him accidentally forget his lunch box so I’ll have to come back up and bring it to him.  Am I weird?

There are many things that are going to be hard for us with school.  The one that we talk about daily is the hour of day that they start school these days.  I think that Cayden’s school starts around 7:30.

That’s 7:30 AM people.


The other day I set my alarm for 9AM.  Yes we had an alarm in our house set for 9AM so we all wouldn’t sleep later than that.

Do you see how this will be hard for us?

I’m thinking of starting to try and get up earlier each day, but then I throw that idea out the window in the morning when the house is quiet and everyone is still asleep!

Any ideas on how we can make this work?


11 responses to “TOO early for school.

  1. if it absolutely comes down to it, gnc makes a melatonin supplement (meant for correcting jet lag etc) thats cherry flavored and dissolves… to be sleepy earlier… to theoretically be able to get up earlier.

    (i was still working 2nd shift when my kiddo started pre-k needing to be at school 1/2 an hour away by 8. that was an interesting month…)

  2. Honest to goodness, I have looked up the bell schedules in my district and considered sending Jafta to the school that starts the latest. I would base his entire education on sleeping later. 7:30 – that’s the middle of the friggin’ night in my world!

  3. Holy cow. If my kids slept in like that I might homeschool! Yeah, probably not, but that habit will be heartbreaking to stop.

  4. Slow down your life and go to be earlier!! 🙂

  5. That is bed earlier!! Sorry.

  6. It was a lot of getting use to around here. Now the kids are early risers for this reason. They always go to bed on time during the school year. When they were little it was around 7:30 for them. And now it is 8:30. Colt would sleep hard during nap time in kinder. They went to kinder all day in Abilene. Although, the schedule was a transition, the kids loved school and the structure that it gave. They also love summers and the freedom that it provides. The best of both worlds.

    It would not be a big deal to have lunch on the first day. As long as C is not having a hard time with the separation. If he is I would give him a few days to get use to the newness.

  7. After many, many, many Y E A R S of doing the school routine:), five kids, ages 21 thru 5 years old…..honestly, start a couple weeks before school starts getting the kids to bed earlier and up a bit earlier….because it is really hard on them, too, once you get into the school year routine, it is NOT easier, but for sure doable and seems to just fall into place! BUT….we do enjoy our summer routine and days off from school. HOWEVER, you and Aaron are truly blessed to have such young children who sleep past 9:00a.m.!! 🙂

    It’s hard to let our children go, and, yet, go they must. I have a quote of my bulletin board by Saint Theodore Guerrin “We can not do our work if we remain in the nest”. I read it time and again as I watch another one open their wings and test flight:)!!!

  8. yeah…I don’t have kids HERE yet…but I am pretty sure it would be easier if you progressively got up earluer each day…working up to getting up at 7:30am a couple of days before he starts school! maybe??

  9. We are up and at em at the latest by 6:30am and I detest it! DETEST IT! But I do adore the time they get home! We are home by 2:35 at the latest and the kids go to bed between 7 and 7:30. They need their sleep and Jesse and I get alone time.

  10. when our boys were in public school they sent out a letter that said no visiting during the first two weeks. 😦 It was a horrible first two weeks but something we all needed. We all needed to get used to the separation. Feel him out and see how he’s adjusting. If it’s difficult, I’d say stay away for at least the first week. And I agree, 7:30 is just crazy. Praying for you guys!

  11. Kent used to tell everyone that I homeschooled JUST so that I wouldn’t have to get up and get the kids ready for school early. The elementary bus picks up here at 6:45!! CRAZY!

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