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These are the vitamins that we take every morning.   From top to bottom and left to right:  Juice plus fruits for the kids, L-Lysine for me to help prevent fever blisters, Crenberry pills to help my urinary tract, Mulit vitamin for Her, Juice plus veggies for the kids, Super Omega-3 for me, Vitamin C for me and Magma Plus Super Food mix that we mix with orange juice.

As a vegetarian I think I need to be taking more vitamins and supplements.  What vitamins do you take?  What should I add to my morning routine?  Do I need to discuss the combination of all these with my doctor?

We also just got some “green juice” for the kids that we mix in with milk in the morning.  This morning will be their first try.  They haven’t been liking my green juice, even though I make them drink all of it!


5 responses to “Vitamins

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of supplements!

    Before I got preggers I was taking a probiotic thing from Garden of Life and also an omega 3 and a multivitamin. I was never really sure what the doctor would have said…

    Now I take folic acid and a prenatal. 🙂

  2. shellie rader

    b12 is necessary for vegetarians. there is a vegetarian type from the tilandsia? plant if you want to be strict about vegetarianism. A probiotic is very important, especially if you have allergies or have been on an antibiotic. It’s usually best to see a natural medicine or holistic dr(and possibly a chiropractor) to know what exactly your body needs. YHI makes great barley green in powder and tablet form that doesn’t taste bad. Kiel eats it every day. Standard Process is also a good brand to choose. (It is made in US and pharmacy grade.) Only a licensed practitioner can have it. Omega 3’s are a must, but preferably not in a pill. Putting flax seed oil in a smoothie works great for that. Calcium lactate is important if dairy is avoided. All of what you buy at mass merchandisers is not regulated and comes from over seas.( Remember the melamine in dog food and toothpaste? I’d be leery of taking anything from there.)

  3. I take a woman’s vitamin and calcium with vitamin D everyday. The calcium is separate because my woman’s vitamins don’t contain a lot of calcium, and I want to keep my bones strong to prevent osteoporosis.

  4. I take a calcium/magnesium/potassium vitamin, one called cataplex G…and fish oil and I can’t remember what else…We LOVE juice plus around here! We do the gummy’s for the kids.

  5. I’m also taking those vitamins, it’s great antioxidant as well..

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