don’t love puppy.

We got to talk to Amos again tonight via skype and Caroline!  It was so fabulous.  The connection wasn’t the best so most of the time we couldn’t see him, but he could see us and he loved that.

He was so happy to see Aaron.  Aaron will be in Haiti in about 5 weeks so he’ll get in some good daddy-Amos hang time!  I know that makes Amos and Aaron happy!

Cayden got to talk  to him and he told him that he was going to play football next week.  Amos was telling us that he wanted a football!  So, one thing Aaron will be taking him for sure is a football!!!

At one point when we were talking we showed him Carson (our dog) and he did not like it.  He covered up his eyes.  Then he said “I don’t love puppy.  I love papa.  I love momma.”  Hilarious!

So happy tonight to see our sons face for a few minutes and to hear his voice lots!

Lori was there so I got an update about Fedna.  Nothing new to report.  She’s doing good for all she knows!


One response to “don’t love puppy.

  1. What a cute story!

    Glad you got to talk to Amos 🙂

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