blog make-over

I am in desperate need of a blog make over.  If you are someone or know someone that does this sort of stuff will you have them contact me!  jamie @ aaronivey (dot) com

5 responses to “blog make-over

  1. Cheers from London!

    A great blog makeover is Beth Saxton’s “Scoop”
    A personal friend and lovely designer. You can view her portfolio here:

    You would be supporting a military pilot’s wife, raising a toddler and with a second on the way. Her husband is often sent away for months at a time and her personal blog is often a joy to read. A story of how God supplies thier needs through the ups, downs, and struggles of being a family apart and reunited often. Her personal blog is:

    I’m just a follower who enjoys reading your blog : )

  2. Here is one for$25 and $10 goes towards their adoption.

  3. If you want to do it yourself check out the free website It is how I created my header….

  4. Hey there … I do blog make-overs. If you haven’t already found someone, take a look at some of the most recent sites I have done here:

  5. I just ran across this and thought of you immediately. It’s Blogs for a Cause. She does blog make-overs to raise funds for different “causes”.

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