Total City Sports Camp

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Something cool that I’ve been involved in this summer is TOTAL CITY SPORTS CAMP.  This is something that my friend Whitney dreamed up and it has been fabulous.  This camp is at Reagan High School for 6 weeks long and we heading into week #4 tonight!

The kids are getting great instruction each night by adults that love sports and love them.  They are having someone talk to them each night that loves Jesus and in turn we are showing them the love of Jesus each and every day.

One cool thing about camp is that we are also feeding the kids each night.  This has gone great and we’ve had some great support from local restaurants as well as a few community groups as well.  It is fun to watch 90 people come through the line all sweaty and nasty as we offer them a great dinner and a fabulous glass of lemonade!

Here’s where I need your help!  We have most nights lined up with food for the rest of the month.  What we need still are people to sign up to bring fruit, dessert and drinks.  Do you think you would like to help out?  If so, please visit our sign up sheet HERE and email me (jamie @ aaronivey dot com) if you have more questions.

We have been buying the big tubs of lemonade from Costco and the kids love them.  We use 2-3 per night.  That’s not that much if you would like to donate some to us!

Bananna’s are super cheap these days at Costco.  Buy a lot of banana’s, oranges, & apples and the kids will LOVE you!  They love having fruit each night and we LOVE providing fruit for them!

We have not been offering a dessert each night, but what the heck!  Do you like to make brownies?  How about you bring about 100 of them to Reagan one night and we’ll give them to some kids that will eat the heck out of them!

You see, it’s not too hard to help!  Let me know how you would like to serve these last few weeks!


One response to “Total City Sports Camp

  1. What a great idea! Wish we lived close to you so I could help bake some wicked brownies.

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