Caroline in Haiti

Caroline went to Haiti with us this past March and I guess her life was transformed by that place just like mine was.  She is now serving there for the next 7 weeks alongside Licia & Lori at RHFH.  She just graduated nursing school and I’m sure will put all those years of learning to good use these next few weeks.

She already had an interesting day.  You can follow her blog and see all the cool stuff she’ll get to do!

OH and did I mention that she is getting to love on my kids while she’s there!  Any extra loving on them while they’re away from Momma and Papa is much appreciated!!!


*How cute do they look?  Story’s expression is wonderful!


One response to “Caroline in Haiti

  1. Love the picture. I know it must be comforting just knowing that your kids are being held and loved on. Can’t wait until they’re home with you. Then, I’m coming and I want a picture like this of ME holding and loving on them!! Praying it comes soon!

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