Our baby girl has a passport!

July 04 2009 b 010


10 responses to “100%

  1. Dancing for joy for you :o)

  2. YEAH!!!!! Congrats, Jamie! What wonderful news. . oh to have her in your arms soon!!!! I am just thrilled for you!

    Praising JESUS!!!!


  3. O, WOW!!!!! Congratulations!! Enjoy all the pink, the kisses, the giggles and the sweetness of that little soon-to-be-home-forever girl!!

  4. yahoo!! congrats! praying for Amos in MOI.

  5. wow, i’m so excited for yall! i’ve been following yall’s adoption story for a while now and pray for yall’s family often (typically during the song that talks about God moving mountains). so praise God for moving that mountain!!

  6. What amazing news for your family!
    Saying a prayer that you can celebrate this same kind of news about Amos SOON.

  7. WOOOHOOO!!! Awesome news.

  8. YES YES YES!!!!! 😀

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