finger cramping from email checking.

Lately I think I have cramps in my fingers. Cramps from pushing the send and receive button so often on my computer. If I told you how many times a day I check my email you would laugh out loud. You see I’m always hoping that today is the day that I’ll get good news on the process of one of my kids in Haiti. Hoping I’ll get an email that says “Amos is out of MOI” or that “Story has her passport”. Those are the emails I’ve been looking for!

I think that I’ll be getting the passport email soon, so each night I sit on the couch scared to go to bed. Scared to miss the email. It’s not like it won’t be there when I wake up in the morning, but still I want to get it when it comes! Last night I closed my computer, took my shower, got in bed, read some of my book and got back out of bed to check my email one more time. Then at 3AM Deacon needed me and sure enough before I went to bed I checked my email.

You see I’m going crazy with all this email checking! Tonight I heard good news on the passport. Nothing is 100% certain, so I’ll wait until I get 100% good news before I announce it. No need to make any false announcements to the world!

So, tonight I’m planning on going to bed at a decent time and not letting my inbox govern my sleep schedule. I need a good night’s sleep. My back is hurting, I’m loosing sleep. I’m tossing and turning all night. This adoption stuff is hard. When my kids come home I’ll be so tired and then have no time to sleep with FOUR kids!!!

I got these pictures this past weekend and they literally made my night. I was in such a slump this weekend. Bad weekend. Constantly sad. Constantly wishing this was over. Monday was better and today even better. I just have bad days.

My kids in Haiti are CONSTANTLY on my mind. Enjoy these pictures and please continue to pray that kids in Haiti continue to come home!

July 04 2009 b 015


5 responses to “finger cramping from email checking.

  1. I can’t even imagine…

    Definitely praying for you, friend….

  2. Not to be redundant but I too want to say…”I can’t even imagine.” It has to be agonizing! Just wanting them in your arms, in your home, under your care and having NO control over any of it! You have MANY praying for all of you!

  3. I’m with you … I cannot seem to draw myself away from the computer and even if I just checked five minutes ago I have to check again because maybe, just maybe there will be an e-mail that I missed … (sigh)

  4. They are so cute!!! I can’t wait until they are here. I am praying that they will get here fast!!!

  5. that is the sweetest picture!!!

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