Story dreams

Had two very weird dreams last night.

#1 I dreamed I got an email from our adoption lady in Haiti telling me that Story had her passport already and her Visa appointment was this weekend.  She told me to come down on Monday to pick her up.  I woke up in the night and literally had to lay there and think if this had really happened b/c it just seemed so real.

#2 I dreamed that we went down to pick up our daughter and there was another family there that was going to be co-parents with us.  This dream was very weird, b/c in the dream it wasn’t my Story, and it wasn’t in Haiti and she wasn’t even black.  It was weird b/c it was all different.  You know how weird dreams can be!  Anyhow …she would have two families.  Oh and did I mention that we knew them and they went to church with us.  So as we walked out of the place she was staying and we shared times holding her, it was all so crazy.  At first she had on the clothes that I brought her as we walked around holding her.  Then I gave her to her other family (weird!) and they changed her clothes.   We then had to come up with a schedule of when she would be with each family.  I was worried she would like them more b/c they had a swimming pool!!!  Then I was mad b/c I knew this woman for a year and never knew that she was even adopting.  I wondered why she never talked about her and all of a sudden we’re sharing jobs as mommy!  I was mad when I woke up from this one!

Weird dreams.  I just know that we are getting close to the end and this process is always on my mind.  We had been told they may get her passport this week, but I never heard anything. So I’m not sure what’s going on.  Thursday & Friday passed this week and no word on Amos getting out of MOI.  I know that there are lots of people stuck in MOI just like us with archive birth/death certificates being the problem.  I’m praying for all of these kids and their families.

We have been working on Story’s room this week a lot.  It is so funny that she is child #4 and she is getting more stuff for herself and done for a room than child #2 or #3 ever got b/c she is a GIRL!!!  The only girl in the family …. I think she’ll get what she wants for a while!

I am still so ready for this whole thing to be over.  I’m so ready for my babies to be home.  I know that God has the perfect timing and with that I can sleep better at night.  It is making me trust God even when it is hard and in my mind doesn’t make sense.  Although I’m learning that when it’s hard sometimes trusting in an almighty and all-knowing God is sometimes the only thing I have going for me.  Where else would I want to put my trust?

One response to “Story dreams

  1. Oh my! Those ARE crazy dreams!

    Hey, I thought of you tonight. I am working on something with Jason Kovacs (I think you know them?) and Sam Henry (HopeMongers) and Russ Weir (RedLettersCampaign). . .to start a weekly day of fasting for the poor and oppressed in our world. . .we’ll have a webpage explaining the concept and challenging people to join us to “Give Them A Day” and memorize Isaiah 58 too. . which has been the key to challenging us! Then, we’ll have different blogs that will host a list of prayer requests for specific countries.. I thought you might want to host the Haiti prayer requests once a week.

    Feel free to write back for more details. . .we are working on this soon, but with Jason in UG it might be another week. . we are just seeing AMAZING things happen as we fast together on Wednesdays.


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