Haiti changes people.

The first time I went to Haiti in November of 2006 my life was forever changed.  It was one of the hardest trips of my entire life.  I was a very scared person going into what I thought was a very scary place.   I struggled with leaving my 1 & 2 year old children at home for a whole week.  I mean what kinda of mom leaves her babies at home to go to a crazy place such as Haiti?  I was fairly certain that I would be killed there by a crazy Haitian man and forever leave my children mom-less.  YES these were my crazy thoughts.  For those of you that know me, you are not surprised by these crazy thoughts!  I tend to think the worst!  Aaron says I have WCSD – worst case scenario disease!

Even though that trip was so very hard for me it changed the course of my life forever.  From there I couldn’t stop thinking about the country that I had seen.  The children I had looked at there were starving for not only food, but also love, attention, arms to hold them, hope, a family, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.  I left Haiti then forever changed.

Fast forward 9 months and I would be staring at the face of my future son on a computer screen one night feeling a feeling of something I had never known before.  A feeling that just felt right although it was very crazy.  Haiti changed the course of our family.

Because of that trip we are now adding two children to our family through adoption from Haiti.  Because of that trip I have led 2 more trips back to Haiti full of people whose lives are now also forever changed because of the country.  Because of that trip I no longer desire a bigger diamond wedding ring that I always wanted, dreamed about, and literally begged Aaron for.  Because of that trip my wants are smaller and my thoughts of giving are bigger.

I am forever changed by that trip.  I did not change Haiti, but instead Haiti changed me.

This past March we led a group of 6 girls to Haiti.  Most of them this was their first time to Haiti.  Before each trip I pray that God would use Haiti to change them.  I pray that eyes will be opened to the “real” world that we live in. I pray that hearts will be softened towards “the least of these” and jobs will be changed, hearts will be changed, and locations will be changed.

Caroline was on that trip and she was changed.  She will be leaving in July to head back to Haiti for 7 weeks to serve alongside Lori in the clinic.  What an amazing opportunity for both of them. Caroline will once again never be the same and Lori will have a nurse there to help out with some of the patients.  Check out this blog HERE to hear her story about going back.

I am honored to know both of the ladies at RHFH.  Lori and her sister Licia are literally heros to us.  They are saints.  They are world-changers.  They are servants.  They are lovely.  They are friends of ours.  They are examples to us.  We love these two ladies.


*Picture from the literacy graduation that we helped with in March 2009


*The graduates.  These ladies are changing Haiti.


6 responses to “Haiti changes people.

  1. Haiti changed me, my life, my heart, my family forever (we are also adopting 2 children from Haiti, now). Or, perhaps more accurately, God changed me-I cooperated, by being obedient to going on my first mission trip, almost 1 year ago. I had many of the same fears/worries/crazy thoughts that you did. This trip was waaaay out of my comfort zone. I’m so grateful to God for working on my heart! It’s such and adventure-and I love it!

    God is great and doing amazing things. I pray that I am open to hearing Him and obeying Him. Can hardly wait to see what He’s got next!!

  2. “I did not change Haiti, but instead Haiti changed me.” –so very true. Haiti has changed me and challenged me in crazy ways and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 39 days til I go back!

  3. We are at the tail end of our long journey of adoptions from Haiti. We have 3 beautiful and amazing birthchildren who have traveled with us to Haiti and cannot wait for the day their 2 brothers come home for good. Jean Claude and Woodson are amazing 13 year old boys who we met when they were 10! God used them to change our families lives in amazing ways. We have all traveled to Haiti several times and are working on a water project along with helping to sponsor a medical clinic in the mountains of Haiti. I pray that people will continue to do work in Haiti and help bring many of those beautiful children to loving homes.

  4. Yep…our trip to Haiti changed me forever…you can’t help but fall in love with this place…

  5. Ladies, I am so happy that the Lord is using you all in such a powerful way.
    Everyone, including Haitians themselves living out of the country perceive Haiti as being a country run my criminal activities, when in fact, Haiti is one of the most peaceful places in the Caribbean when you look at civilians to police ratio.
    Anyways, I thank you all for your mission in Haiti and may my Lord and savior continue to bless you all.

  6. I was told to check out your blog. 🙂 It’s great to see what you are doing in Haiti and how much it has changed you! I’m excited to experience Haiti in the near future. God put a crazy idea into my mind when I was thinking of a way to help the Rescue Center in Cazale. I ignored it for awhile, but finally decided that I needed to listen. After talking with some friends, Artists For Hope was “born”. A few of us will be helping at the Rescue Center in November and I can’t even wait to be changed by Haiti! I’ve been to Africa, Guatemala, and Russia~ but never Haiti. I’ve already been changed just by reading Licia’s blog…so I can only imagine what it will be like actually being there. Your kids are beautiful and I hope they are home SOON!

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